Commémorons la Journée de la Terre

29 mars 2012 | Posté dans Boycott, Canada, Palestine, Quebec, Solidarité

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As it happens, the future of Arabs living in Cisjordan has been compromised due to their association with and participation in terrorists organizations. As soon as the US elections are over, the joint movement to repatriate ALL Arabs from Greater Israel to Saudi Arabia will begin in earnest. So what will the future of the palestinians once they officially reside in Saudi Arabia? Frankly, it is difficult to say. I think that one type of “apartheid” will be replace with another, as it happened in the Kingdom of Jordan on a Black September. Strange, but no country in the world, the Muslim world that is, wants to have palestinians within its borders. Now why is that? Why this discrimination by one’s brethren? Can anyone explain that?

Commentaire par Jayson Rex — 16 avril 2012 @ 12:10

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