Members of the Legal Community Against the Israeli Assault on Gaza

21 août 2014 | Posté dans Canada, Palestine, Prisoniers, Solidarité


    members of the Legal Community Condemn Assault on Gaza

A group of law students studying at the Faculty of Law at McGill University drafted a statement, in English and French, on behalf of themselves, and the broader legal community to condemn the continued violence against Gaza by Israeli forces. Specifically, the statement condemns the civilian causalities, the destruction of civilian infrastructure, and the violations of international law. The statement was written in response to the lack of vocal opposition, and in an effort to create a network of people united against such injustice.

The statement, entitled, “Members of the Legal Community Against the Israeli Assault on Gaza,” was circulated among law students, law professors, and legal organizations alike over the past weeks. It has gained support from over 50 people and organizations, including the Association des juristes progressistes in Quebec.

    you can now view the statement here:

    if you would like to add your name to the statement,
    please email at info.justicepalestine(at)
    or use the form found on the website.

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Commentaire par Olaf Egeberg — 22 août 2014 @ 20:51

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