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November 25th, 2007 | Posted in Politics, Repression, Resistance

    Denounce the racist Bouchard-Taylor Commission


    Solidarity across borders, not “reasonable accommodation”
    Pickets and Speak-outs
    Tuesday, November 27, 6pm
    Thursday, November 29, 6pm

    In front of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission at the Palais de Congrès.

No One Is Illegal-Montreal and allies are organizing pickets and speak-outs outside the Bouchard-Taylor Commission’s public forums in Montreal next November 27 and 29. We encourage you to join us in large numbers.

The Bouchard-Taylor Commission has been a forum for racists and bigots for the past several weeks. The Commission itself is based on a fundamentally racist premise, which is to stand judgment of immigrant communities. This Commission, sanctioned by the state, is a process of submission, whereby minority populations are forced to justify their very existence in Quebec.

Join us for a speak-out and picket outside the Commission, as we share our struggles of resistance to poverty, precarity, racial profiling, police brutality, war, capitalism and gender oppression. Instead of “reasonable accommodation” we will share our perspectives of organizing against borders, for free movement and status for all.

INFO: 514-848-7583 –

* If you plan on attending the pickets and speak-out, get in touch for more info.

* Endorse the No One Is Illegal statement on reasonable accommodation HERE.

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