Community Convergence on ‘Reasonable Accommodation’.

December 3rd, 2007 | Posted in Politics, Quebec, Religion, Repression, Resistance, Solidarity, War and Terror
    A Panel Discussion on Racism in Quebec.


    Saturday, December 8th. 7pm
    Center Communautaire Musulman de Montreal (CCMM)
    3300 Cremazie East, corner of St. Michel
    (Saint-Michel Metro)
    Child Care Available.

Organized by Refusing Intolerance in Québec (R.I.Qc), a network made up of a broad spectrum of groups, organizations, and individuals in the Montreal area opposed to the racist assumptions and the political manipulation of the current ‘debate’ surrounding “reasonable accommodations” by all major political parties in Québec and sensationalized by the corporate media.

A community forum aimed to create a space to collectively examine the real political and social roots of “Reasonable Accommodation”, an opportunity to challenge its foundations in political opportunism, racism and xenophobia. An event organized to come together in an effort to build support and solidarity with the organizing efforts of marginalized communities to fight against racism, to demand respect and equality in Quebec, not ‘accommodation’ or ‘tolerance’.

Presentations / Performances:

* Hicham Hallal: Community organizer with the Centre Communautaire Musulman de Montréal, established in 1999 mainly by the Lebanese community, located in north Montreal and dedicated to meet the spiritual, social and educational needs of Muslims in Montreal. Hicham has been intrinsically involved in the organizing and establishment of the network Refusing Intolerance in Québec (R.I.Qc) aiming to respond to the racism in Quebec surrounding the Bouchard-Taylor Commission.

* Gada Mahrouse: Completing a doctoral degree in the Department of Sociology and Equity studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. Her graduate studies were prompted by experiences in community feminist organizations. Her specific areas of interest include critical race, feminist & post-colonial theories; questions of power in solidarity and resistance movements; and social justice education. She has taught several courses with a focus on race and gender at the University of Toronto and at the University of Ottawa.

* No One is Illegal: Presentation from the grassroots anti-colonial immigrant and refugee rights collective which has been centrally involved in the anti-racist organizing response surrounding the current ‘debate’ on ‘reasonable accommodation’, including the organization of the recent pickets and speak-outs outside the Bouchard-Taylor Commission, which faced a police attack in which, uniformed officers pushed and punched protesters, and used batons; several police had also drawn their taser guns.

* 23 (tu-three): A Muslim artist transplanted from Florida now residing in Montréal, who will be performing a series of poems concerning the current ‘debate’ in Quebec surrounding ‘Reasonable Accommodation’. 23 (tu-three) has been directly involved in the creation of the organizing network Refusing Intolerance in Québec (R.I.Qc).

For more information on the grassroots organizing response from groups, organizations and collectives involved in the Refusing Intolerance in Québec (R.I.Qc) network visit the links below.

* Refusing Intolerance in Quebec.

* No One is Illegal:
Police attack anti-racist protesters at Commission

* No One is Illegal:
Pickets and speak-out against racism (November 27 & 29, 6pm)

For more information on the public forum contact:
riq.montreal[at] / 514 664 1036

Organized by:

* Al-Hidaya Association.

* No One is Illegal.

* Al-Rissala Lebanon/Canada Association.

* Immigrant Workers Center (IWC).

* Tadamon! Montreal.

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Moi je crois que les musulmans devrais avoir honte. Honte pour ne pas être dans les rues afin de protester contre la lapidation l’excision les pendaison ect ect ect
et toutes les lois ridicules et rétrograde de la je ne crains pas l,islam;je crains les caves qui se servent de l’islam pour contrôler les humains comme toutes les religion de se monde .
Paix jamais elle ne seras de ce monde tant que les religions ne se pratiquerons pas dans le secret chacun pour soi.

La haine viens de ce que l’on vois des actes horribles que la religion de l’islam produit et ne me venez pas me chanter les louanges des modérés;quand les deux tours on tombées les arabes islamiste de Montréal applaudissaient oui chantaient les louanges des martyrs.
Et nous gentil Canadien nous vous laissons libres parce que c,est un pays libre et démocratique. Vous vous servez de nos lois contre nous;oui contre nous afin de nous islamisez;en créant la haine contre vous.
Je ne veux pas vous détestez je m,y refuse, mais bordel aidez-nous a ne pas vous haïr!
On sait que Israël vous fait du trouble on souffre avec les palestiniens mais on refuse de jouer le jeux de la violence de la haine et de l’obscurantisme.
Moi je vous observe j’ai rencontré de femmes voilées au Québec et je suis frustré de voir que vous acceptez encore ce fait. Ne me parlez pas de religion c’est un contrôle c’est tout. Quoi parce que vous êtes musulmans vous êtes différent? vous êtes humain vous pourrirez comme nous et c’est tout.

Alors svp la prochaine fois que des horreurs seront annoncé allez y dans les rue et montrez nous que vous avez la volonté de changer les folie s qui animes certains de vos frères et alors …on vous respecteras . Si non la haine est une graine qui produit des fruit si rapidement que les fruit tombent et répandent sang et désolation. olivier qui ne craint ni la mort ni dieu ni diable

Comment by olivier — September 24th, 2010 @ 12:59 AM

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