Solidarity Statements from Bahrain

June 11th, 2012 | Posted in Canada, Palestine, Quebec, Solidarity, Tadamon!
    solidarity texts from Bahrain for Montreal anti-Grand Prix solidarity rally

Photo: Protest in Bahrain against state repression toward pro-democracy movements.

Read solidarity statements from Bahrain sent to Montreal in the context of a solidarity protest organized in Montreal during the Grand Prix to highlight struggles for human rights, justice and dignity in Bahrain.

A solidarity rally in Montreal was called on 08/06/2012 to highlight ongoing state repression in Bahrain, targeting popular movements organizing against the dictatorship, repression that heighten repression against popular protests in the context of the recent F1 race in Bahrain.

Wafa Nuami, a activist in Bahrain who took part in the 2011 uprising since the Pearl Roundabout days

Firstly, on behalf of the Bahraini people, I would like to thank you for coming here today. My family is one of hundreds of families that have fallen victim to an oppressive and merciless regime. My brother, Said, has been sentenced to a lifetime in prison accused of a crime he did not commit by a regime who did not earn legitimacy as rulers of their people. The truth is that he and our family is being punished for attending peaceful protests at the Pearl Roundabout as an act of asking simply for the respect of the human rights and democracy. His case is unfortunately not a rare example.

The Bahraini people will not know justice and democracy while the West, especially the USA, continue to support & praise the Bahraini Alkhalifa regime. We ask the international community to respect the human rights that has been signed to protect humanity from the crimes that we are facing every day. Don’t negotiate with dictators. It is a scorn to the human rights and in the end to your own dignity. We thank all the people in the international community who hear our call and who stand in solidarity with us. You give us hope.

I will keep up the fight and the faith, for my own future, for Said for Bahrain and for freedom.

Wafa Al Noaimi activist in Bahrain.

Thank you for you continues effort in supporting the people of Bahrain against their brutal regime as you know we seek freedom, equality and justice, a serious reform with all parties involved including hundreds of prisoners who were jailed for criticizing the government asking for it is overthrow.

As a Bahraini citizen I have the right to apply for a position in the ministry of interior or ministry of defense or even ministry of foreign affairs but because I am Shia I cannot do so, and because I am Shia anyone can humiliate and hurt me with no actual law to stop them, and instead of that they naturalize mercenaries from Pakistan, Yemen and Jordan and employ them immediately with a house as a gift from the government, while most of Bahrainis do not have houses nor jobs and suffer to find a job with a very low salary while mercenaries live in heaven being highly paid, it is all they need to keep killing and torturing the Bahraini citizens with all kind of force and using teargas excessively causing the death of any elderly and infants, not to mention the deaths and injuries that occurred by using the forbidden weapon “shotgun”.

The regime tried for so many years to the Sunni – Shia sectarian game, by making Shia sound like terrorist and make Sunni believe they are in danger! But failed anyways as many people from all sectors are involved in this revolution , and the world knows this old trick of the book, as it has been used by so many regimes before.

Under the name of law the regime have jailed hundreds of prisoners without any single evident and made them sign false confessions under threat and torture blindfolded and as a sister of one of the prisoners within the Bahraini regime prisons, I have witnessed the brutality when my brother was kidnapped from home by masked men working for M.o.i during the national safety state and I have seen them stealing electronics from my house and dragging my brother out, we have not heard about him for over a month and later we saw him so exhausted and severely tortured with obvious marks on his face and body, without a word said by judge! He simply ignored all of that. People of Bahrain are being killed with cold blood by this regime as everyday we fear to hear the news of our beloved ones being hurt or killed by thousands of mercenaries recruited in the riot police and army forces, and at one point of reform they all have to be sent out of Bahrain.

I believe that no serious reform will be in Bahrain without the people of the world keeping to pressure on their government nonstop, until the prime minister steps down and the government is overthrown so we could have the chance to vote, to have our choice of whom we want just like in any other constitutional monarchy in the world, violations must stop, and bad regime roots must be taken out of our land and human rights must not be violated in our country with observation of the international community.

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