Radio Tadamon!: Hizballah and Canada’s List of ‘Terrorist Entities’


    Produced for Radio Tadamon! by Vivian Tabar and Stefan Christoff.


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A presentation given by Brian Aboud in Montreal on Wednesday, October 17th, hosted by Tadamon! Montreal & the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill University within the context of the campaign to challenging Hezbollah’s listing as a ’Terrorist’ Group in Canada.

Brian Aboud, a social activist, professor and academic speaks about the importance of challenging Canada’s categorization of Hezbollah as a ‘terrorist’ organization in Canada.

Tadamon! Montreal: Challenging Hezbollah’s listing as a ’Terrorist’ Group in Canada

Background Info: Selectively Terrified, by Mary Foster of Tadamon! Montreal.

Radio Tadamon! is produced by Tadamon! a collective of activists in Montreal working to build solidarity between movements for social and economic justice between Montreal and the Middle East.

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