Montreal: Israeli Apartheid Week


    60 Years of Nakba: End Israeli Apartheid.


    Tadamon! Montreal invites you to participate in a series
    of events to mark Israeli Apartheid Week in Montreal…

Cities across Canada and around the world are participating in a global week of action against Israeli apartheid from 3 to 10 February. Israeli Apartheid Week, initiated at the grassroots level in Palestine, is now in its fourth consecutive year. In 2008, Israeli Apartheid Week occurs during the 60th year of the Palestinian Nakba (“catastrophe”)– 60 years of dispossession, ethnic cleansing and exile for Palestinians resulting from the creation of the state of Israel.

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    PALESTINE: Solidarity in the Academy
    a panel discussion

    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, 6:30pm
    School of Community & Public Affairs
    2149 Mackay, metro Guy-Concordia

    Presentations from…

    * Toufic Haddad: Palestinian activist and author of Between the Lines:
    Readings in Israel, the Palestinians and the U.S War Against Terror
    * Ronald Cameron: president of Fédération nationale des enseignantes
    et enseignants du Québec FNEEQ
    * Sophie Schoen: political organizer with L’Association pour une
    Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante (ASSÉ)


    PICKET OF INDIGO BOOKSTORE: Boycott Israeli Apartheid.
    Indigo bookstore
    St. Catherine St., just west of McGill College, Peel metro
    Organized by the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid Montreal, as part
    of the cross-Canada boycott campaign against Indigo/Chapters bookstores.


    An evening of poetry, spoken word and musical performances…
    SUNDAY, 17 FEBRUARY, 8pm
    O Patro Vys, 356 Mont-Royal east (Mont Royal metro)
    suggested donation: 7 to 15$

    Performances from…

    Mohamed Mehdi with members of the Kalmunity Vibe Collective
    Kaie Kellough:
    Author of Lettricity and spoken-word poet.
    SYNCOP: North African Rai music fusing reggae & hip hop elements.


    BACKGROUND: Israeli Apartheid Week and
    the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign

Israel is now taking its place in the global conscience, alongside other settler-colonial states like South Africa, as an apartheid state, and not only a belligerent occupying power. Prominent Palestinians, Israeli anti-Zionists, and South Africans have been at the forefront of efforts to expose the apartheid nature of the state of Israel. At the same time, an international campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israeli apartheid, as called for by over 170 Palestinian grassroots and civil society organizations in July 2005, is gaining momentum globally, day by day.

Israeli Apartheid Week promotes the strategy of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli apartheid to support the demands of the July 2005 grassroots appeal: full equality for Arab citizens of Israel; an end to the occupation and colonization of the West Bank and Gaza; and the implementation of the right of return and compensation for Palestinian refugees pursuant to UN resolution 194.

Responding to a call from the Coalition against Israeli Aparthied in Toronto, Tadamon is participating in Anti-Apartheid Week on the understanding of Israel as an apartheid state, with a commitment to the Palestinian right of return, in opposition to all forms of racism, and in solidarity with oppressed people across the globe. In North America (Turtle Island), Tadamon recognizes the central importance of solidarity with the indigenous people of the continent, a continuing anti-colonial struggle with a clear political parallel to the struggle against Israeli apartheid.

    Join us in making 2008 a year of resistance to Israeli apartheid.
    The refugees will return! Apartheid will fall!

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