Radio Tadamon! Racism, religion and reasonable accommodation


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Listen to an edition of Radio Tadamon! featuring a critique on a state-sponsored series of hearings in Quebec on ‘reasonable accommodation’, which has placed the cultural and religious rights of immigrant communities in the political spotlight.

Radio Tadamon! features a presentation from Gada Mahrouse, academic and social justice activist, who offers an anti-racist view on the issue in a lecture in Montreal, in the context of a grassroots event organized in Montreal north examining the impacts of the current debate on ‘reasonable accommodation’ in Quebec on immigrant communities specifically addressing the impacts of the debate on Muslim women.

“This widespread discrimination happening against immigrants that we are seeing now, happens in waves throughout history,” explains Gada Mahrouse in the lecture, “when you when you read through newspaper reports about “reasonable accommodation”, the central figure at the heart of coverage is the veiled woman, although what is striking to is that the veiled women herself is rarely heard, instead you come upon surveys, opinions and polls about her.”

* Info on grassroots organizing surrounding ‘reasonable accommodation’ at:

No One is Illegal

Centre Communautaire Musulman de Montréal.

Radio Tadamon! is produced by Tadamon! a collective of activists in Montreal working to build solidarity between movements for social and economic justice between Montreal and the Middle East.

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