Charlie Hebdo : The French Left, Islamophobia and state racism

February 22nd, 2015 | Posted in Events, Imperialism, Racism, Religion, Repression, Resistance, Solidarity


    Friday, Feb. 27, 6pm
    La Passe, 1214 de la Montagne
    free / donations welcome
    Montréal Québec (facebook event)

A presentation by Houda and Dror reflecting on the political scene in France in the weeks after the shooting attacks at Charlie Hebdo magazine. Dror will offer some critical reflections on the relationship between the French left and Islamophobia, speaking specifically about the historical dynamics around Charlie Hebdo magazine. Houda is going to give a general perspective on Islamophobia in France and how the so-called “anti-terror” legislation impacts the fundamental human rights, especially of marginalized and racialized communities, specifically Arabs and Muslims.

Houda is a sociologist, post-doctorate fellow at Mc Gill University. While her Ph. D. studied the history of arab immigration in Canada, her current research tackles Islamophobia, its definition, its uses, and the mobilisations around this cause, in France and in Quebec.

Dror is a French scientist, and an activist involved with the defense of human rights and international solidarity. He is also a political and musical writer in several cartoon newspapers, in France and in Quebec, including Siné Hebdo, founded in 2008 by several former members of Charlie Hebdo.

organized by Tadamon! Montreal

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