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Listen to an interview with Sam Hadeeb from the Popular Committee Against the Siege in Gaza. In the face of ongoing Israeli military actions directed at the Gaza Strip, which have taken the lives of over one-hundred Palestinians within the past week — including children — a popular committee has formed in Gaza, which has been coordinating a series of popular direct actions and appealing for protests lead by social justice movements throughout the world.

On Monday, February 25th, the Popular Committee Against the Siege in Gaza, organize a major protest, bringing tens-of-thousands of Palestinians on the streets of Gaza, to protest the ongoing Israeli closure enforced on Gaza, which has left the 1.5 million Palestinians of Gaza without basic supplies, without regular electricity and often without clean water. The protest aimed to highlight the realities of the ongoing Israeli siege on Gaza, which Amnesty International recently deemed a violation of international law.

This interview with organized Sam Hadeeb provides a direct perspective on popular, or grassroots organizing taking place in Gaza in opposition to the ongoing Israeli siege on Gaza, which has been maintained in the context of ongoing Israeli military operations throughout the Gaza Strip, that have drawn international condemnation, including from the Secretary General of the U.N.

Info: Popular Committee Against the Siege.

Radio Tadamon! is produced by Tadamon! a collective of activists in Montreal working to build solidarity between movements for social and economic justice between Montreal and the Middle East.

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