Music in a Time of War

March 13th, 2008 | Posted in Culture, Lebanon, Palestine, Politics, War and Terror

    An interview / discussion with Jerusalem In My Heart.


    Listen / download at Urgent Uploads.

On March 11th 2008 Montreal’s experimental band Jerusalem in My Heart and crew crammed into the CKUT studios and pulled off an incredible live set in a room that, I guarantee you, was a lot smaller than they make it sound…

We got to sit down afterwards and talk about the political and cultural perspectives of three members of the band, especially relating to their experiences as Arab men living in North America.

Topics included: – the war in Lebanon in 2006 – the many meanings of the Keffiyeh – Festivals in Montreal including the Festival du Monde Arabe and Pop Montreal – the real meaning of “World Music” or “World Beat” – the Bouchard-Taylor Commission and the unreasonable debate on reasonable accommodation – Palestine and the ongoing siege. Musical selections during the show were provided by JMH member Radwan Moumneh, and feature rare recordings from Syria and Iraq.

As we approach the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq this March, CKUT’s Montreal Sessions will be taking every Tuesday of this month between 3 and 5pm to talk to Montreal musicians and knowledge producers about the ways in which they have been affected and seek to effect in this time of war.

Themes we will be dealing with include the direct and indirect politics of the music industry, arab identity and cultural perspectives in instrumental / experimental music, politicized music and music that has been politicized, music as the hidden persuader in corporate news media, and whatever else comes up. Each show will start with a live in-studio performance by our guest so: Tune in for live music and live politics on CKUT 90.3fm every Tuesday of this month.

Host: Seth Porcello Featured Speakers/Guests: Radwan Moumneh, Nader Hasan, Sam Shalabi

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