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May 13th, 2008 | Posted in Canada, Independent Media, Palestine, Politics

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    18-hour international radio broadcast on 60-years of Palestinian dispossession.

Montreal, May 2008: Join the International Middle East Media Center in Bethlehem (Palestine), in collaboration with CKUT 90.3fm in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), CHRY 105.5fm in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), CKDU 88.1fm in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada), and KBOO 90.7fm in Portland (Oregon, U.S.) for a historic international radio reflection of the Palestinian Nakba or catastrophe, including contributions from Pacifica Radio and Democracy Now!

Next Thursday, May 15th, 2008, commemorates 60 years of the Palestinian Nakba. In 1948, eighty-five percent of Palestinians living in what is today the state of Israel became refugees. More than 500 Palestinian villages were depopulated and then destroyed to prevent the return of the displaced native population. 60-years later, there are upwards of 7 million Palestinian refugees dispersed throughout the world and Palestinians abroad are the world’s oldest and largest refugee population, making-up more than one fourth of all refugees. Israel continues to occupy and colonize Palestinian land through the construction of Jewish only settlements, the Wall in the West Bank, and the collective punishment of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday, May 15th from from 12am until 6pm (EDT), “Radio Free Palestine” will broadcast on these and many other topics concerning the the ongoing Nakba of the Palestinian people.

Complete schedule is available online at or email news[at]

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