Death Count*

August 14th, 2006 | Posted in Imperialism, Repression, War and Terror

Main source for numbers are Al-Jazeera and Assafir newspaper.

Civilian Today
Military Today
Civilian Total*
Military Total
17D**   ~1100D,~3500W 43DH***,31DLA,2Police officers.

1D, ~29W 2D ~39D****, ~400W ~126D,~400W

D=Dead, W=Wounded, H=Hezbollah, LA=Lebanese Army

*Change in total count, especially civilian Lebanese, may not correspond to change in daily count as total count is based on official estimates. Total count will be adjusted in bigger increments, i.e. every additional hundred casualties or so.
**The exact number of deaths for today was not available, largely to the delay in collecting bodies from under rubble after a devastating strike on Beirut’s southern suburb. Six people, including three children, died in Burg Ashamali, three in Gibseet, three in Shaath, three in Ali Annahr, two in Kilya and Baalbek, and one in Kaakaa-iyyiy Al jisir.
***There have been almost no recent reports of number of Hezbollah fighters dead or wounded.
****Haaretz count. They put number of Israeli soldiers dead at 113.

Compiled by Hicham Safieddine.

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