Photo Essay: Occupied Palestine


    Photo Essay from Scott Weinstein from Palestine.


Israel’s apartheid wall and Israeli colony Beth-Hal Homar, West Bank, Palestine

Photos from Montreal photographer and community worker Scott Weinstein, who has traveled to Palestine to work with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society as a registered nurse. This photo essay documents the contemporary realities of Israeli colonialism and occupation in the West Bank, specifically focusing on the realities of settler violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, specifically in the Palestinian city of Hebron. As documented by numerous Israeli human rights organizations, such as B’Tselem, Israeli settlers have beaten Palestinian civilians and forced many Palestinians to leave the historic city center in Hebron, traditionally an important and vibrant Palestinian market in the West Bank.


Hebron, West Bank, Palestine: A street in Hebron, most Palestinians have been forced out by Israeli settlers. Israeli symbols are painted by settlers as signs of victory as they do to the Palestinians what Europeans did to us as Jewish people. In the background is a new Israeli settler building.


Hebron, West Bank, Palestine: Palestinians are slowly being forced from Hebron, block by block, month after month – too subtle to cause international outrage. Israeli settlers — some in the new building in the background — are aided by the Israeli military and international financial aid and diplomatic cover for Israel’s expansion into the last remaining territory of the Palestinians.


Hebron, West Bank, Palestine: Above the Palestinian market in Hebron are new Israeli settler buildings, whose inhabitants make a sport of dropping rocks on the shoppers and merchants below. The Palestinian market in the old city within Hebron is now almost completely shut down, a once important market to the Palestinian economy in the West Bank.


Hebron, West Bank, Palestine: A Palestinian woman looks out from her window in Hebron, a street is almost completely cleansed of her Palestinian neighbors. A Star of David has been painted on the wall by the Israeli settlers, a common symbols used by Israeli settlers in Hebron.

Scott Weinstein, has worked in Palestine with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society as a registered nurse. Currently Weinstein is working with Independent Jewish Voices, associated with the Canada-wide Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians, a network of progressive Jewish people in Canada opposed to Israel’s occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. Scott Weinstein has also worked extensively as a community medical worker with Common Ground Health Clinic, with displaced communities in New Orleans impacted by Hurricane Katrina and the lack of U.S. government response to the natural disaster.


Thank you for doing this, for bearing witness through compelling images and words. I’ve forwarded notice of this through my networks.



Comment by dave — October 9th, 2008 @ 4:18 PM

Great photographs ! Reveal the true fascism of the ethnic cleansing going on. The key to what is going on is summed up:
” Palestinians are slowly being forced from Hebron, block by block, month after month – too subtle to cause international outrage”.
Why have the Jews forgotten Nazi tactics?

Comment by Simon Quinn — October 9th, 2008 @ 5:31 PM

Thank you very much
Come and Visit Hebron to see the Real picture

Comment by Issa Amro — October 12th, 2008 @ 7:35 AM

Amazing Pictures! Photographer shows real talent for capturing the true sense of a shot. Messages of the pictures were even better, thank you for showing the real Palestine for the world to see.
Palestine will be free with more works like these out there for the world to see.
Once again, excellent job!

Comment by Kamilah Ebrahim — January 17th, 2009 @ 7:00 PM

I am from vancouver and i wanted to comment on Israel taking over some holy sites in Hebron and claiming them for the state of israel.This should be condemned by all progressive govs. in the world,and the united nations should condemn it.The illegal jewish settlers don’t belong there and nothing should be done to benefit them.I supports the palestinian people who are fighting against this.

Comment by stan squires — February 26th, 2010 @ 3:17 PM

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