Video from Tadamon! Benefit for Samidoun.

August 16th, 2006 | Posted in Solidarity

On Sunday, August 13th Tadamon! Montreal held a benefit concert for the Sanayeh Relief Center and Samidoun Coalition in Beirut Lebanon. The concert brought together over 300 people in Montreal, raised over 1200$ for the Sanayeh Relief Center & included the performance of many local musicians & artists.

* La Banda de Gaza: An ensemble of six musicians including violin, double-bass, percussion, guitar, key-boards and accordion. La Banda de Gaza is front-lined by Iqi Balam who brings biting, politically charged lyrics to the group’s eclecticity of musical rhythms from Latin America, African percussion and modern beats.

* Hassan el-Hadi Band: Hassan el-Hadi is an accomplished composer, songwriter and singer, as well as an impressive Oud player. Originally from Marrakesh, Morocco, where diverse musical & cultural traditions merge, el-Hadi’s performance will draw inspiration from traditional Lebanese songs.

* Stefan Christoff on Piano & Yasser Shoukry on Percussion: The first performance of a musical duo which blends classical improvisation on piano and Arabic percussion rhythms.

* DJ Pas Auf: Spinning a collection of musical rhythms & songs from the Middle East, South Asia and beyond.

To view an online video of a performance from the Hassan el-Hadi band playing the classic north African song Ya Rayah visit this LINK.

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