Report: Artists Against Apartheid IV

September 24th, 2008 | Posted in Boycott, Culture, Palestine, Tadamon!

    photo essay from Ian Lawrence.

    Photo: Matana Roberts on sax and Rebbecca Foon on cello.

Artists Against Apartheid in Montreal captured in photo and video, an incredible cultural event which united many celebrated artists as part of the global campaign against Israeli apartheid through an international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions on the Israeli government.

Artists Against Apartheid is a regular concert series in Montreal which attracting hundreds of people crossing multiple musical styles from Jazz, to hip-hop, to folk. A critical cultural element to the growing international boycott campaign against Israeli apartheid in Montreal and internationally, rooted in the critical role that artists internationally played in bringing an end to apartheid in South Africa.

Vox Sambou of Nomadic Massive performs at Artists Against Apartheid.

members of the Kalmunity Vibe Collective at Artists Against Apartheid.

view video reports on Artists Against Apartheid produced by Concordia University T.V.

report featuring clips from live performances: view video.

report featuring presentation from activist Sarita Ahooja: view video.


Vive Montreal!! These news enlightened my heart. I’m a Palestinian living in the diaspora. We all are in need of such news to bring some light and joy in our miserable lives. Please relay our hearty thanks to the Artists. May God reward them and preserve them.

Comment by Arab Abdel-Hadi — September 24th, 2008 @ 6:35 PM

Great work. Its capturing moments like these that allow us all to share in these significant yet “underground” events. Thanks

Comment by Solar-C — September 24th, 2008 @ 9:28 PM

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