Return and reconstruction

August 25th, 2006 | Posted in Economy, War and Terror

Internally displaced people begin returning to their homes and assessing the damage 

Photos from Tadamon! friend Mohammad Shublaq

On 14 of August, refugees from the southern suburbs of Beirut and the Lebanese south started to go back to their villages and neighborhoods after more than one month of the devastating Israeli war on Lebanon.

Since it was the first day of the ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon, people felt safe to go back and check on their homes. Even though the amount of destruction in the targeted areas is huge, volunteers started to clean the rubble even as medical units searched for corpses.

In addition to their battle to reconstruct their homes and institutions, people are still facing the dangers of hundreds of mines, unexploded shells and rockets, and cluster bombs that were dropped by the Israeli army.

The following pictures were taken by Mohammad Shublaq [], on 15 August 2006, in Haret Hreik [], a neighborhood in the southern suburbs of Beirut. Haret Hreik is the area that was most targeted by the Israeli bombings of the suburbs (“dahye”). The municipality estimates that around 400 buildings were partially or fully destroyed.

One-minute low quality video: 

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