Montreal: Beats from Beirut

October 15th, 2008 | Posted in Beirut, Culture, Lebanon

    Aks’ser Lebanon’s hip-hop ensemble with Nomadic Massive.

    as part of the ninth edition of Festival du monde Arabe.

    20h00. 17$
    La Sala Rossa, 4848 St. Laurent
    Montreal, Quebec

to purchase tickets in advance contact Tadamon!, contact information below.

An evening featuring front-line hip-hop music, representing Beirut to Montreal, featuring Lebanon’s celebrated Aks’ser hip-hop ensemble, including Rayes Bek and Iben Foulen, traveling to Montreal from Lebanon for this special concert. A concert aiming to bring together hundreds for a night of artistically unique, critically acclaimed, socially conscious hip-hop representing struggles for social justice and against colonialism from Montreal to the Middle East, also include a performance from the popular multi-lingual hip-hop ensemble Nomadic Massive.


It is incontestable: Aks’ser, meaning against traffic in Arabic, lives up to their name. From their origins in Beirut, the Lebanese hip-hop group has made it’s anti-authoritarian message and style it’s trademark. In an era with multiple Middle Eastern hip-hop groups producing albums uniquely in English or French, Aks’ser broke the trend by writing rhymes in their mother tongue, Arabic.

Aks’ser has created a unique sound, with a major underground following in the Middle East, a sound heavily influenced by experiences of coming of age in Beirut, experiences that are deeply informed by the ongoing conflicts that continue to surround Lebanon. Without a doubt it’s Aks’ser’s straight-up, sometimes sarcastic, style which has made them so popular and enabled them to perform on stages across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the U.S.


Nomadic Massive is a Montreal based collective of independent Hip-Hop artists who have come together in an effort to combine their energies and spread their music across borders. The crew is made up of independent artists who share a similar vision of music and life as well as a desire to travel and experience the cultures of the world through their art. Although this collective is new, its members have been working in the music community for many years as artists but also as radio show host, organizers, educators, street-workers, producers and other community oriented roles. WHY Nomadic Massive? Because they are cultural nomads, all uprooted since birth and latching on to Hip-Hop to express this disruption.

Nomadic Massive reps a cultural diversity reflective of the city they evolve in. Musical nomads also, representing an open-minded Hip-Hop which finds its inspiration in the tradition of the past, combining samplers, turntables and traditional instruments. Well aware of the contradictions of Hip-Hop’s globalization process, the massive feels it is vital to be in touch with other scenes across the world, especially those in less developed economies, to share, learn, be inspired and spread a message of love, peace and universal understanding.

Festival du Monde Arabe (FMA) is in its ninth year of bringing Montreal groundbreaking talent from the Middle East, with a mandate of exposing free spirited artistic and musical performers. Tadamon (solidarity in Arabic) is a Montreal-based social justice collective working towards solidarity with grassroots political movements for justice between Montreal and the Middle East. An event occurring in the context of Tadamon!’s ongoing political campaigns operating in Canada.

to reserve tickets for this unforgettable concert please contact Tadamon! at the information below…

Tadamon! Montreal
tel: 514 664 1036
email: tadamon[at]

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Great! i love Lebanon music!

Comment by Andrey — November 1st, 2008 @ 10:15 AM

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