24 July to 13 August: Daily Massacres committed by Israeli forces

August 30th, 2006 | Posted in War and Terror

On Saturday July 29, the 18th day of Israeli Aggression on Lebanon, Sawsan Takiyee El Deen gave birth. The next day, her newborn became the youngest known victim of Israel’s aggression …

The Bush Administration and Israeli Government’s Master Plan:
A Massacre a day to keep the “terrorists” away

Monday July 24
Lebanon: ~14 civilians killed
Among them: Mohammad Ghandour, his wife and five children killed when Israeli army bombs their house in southern Town of Nabatiyeh.

Tuesday July 25
Lebanon: ~15 civilians killed
Among them: Four people died when Israel bombed southern suburb of Beirut. Media reports suggest they were returning to check on their home when they were targeted.
Wednesday July 26
Palestine: ~20 Palestinians murdered
Among them: Two girls killed when bomb dropped on their home in eastern neighbourhood of Gaza city.

Thursday July 27
Lebanon: ~15 civilians killed
Among them: A man in Barr Elias in the Bekaa valley. He died when his van carrying vegetables was struck by Israeli fire. Four others died when convoy of trucks carrying food aid is bombed in the Bekaa valley.

Friday July 28
Lebanon: ~16 civilians killed
Among them: Israel commits four new massacres, leaving 16 dead. Victims include entire families buried under rubble of their houses in the villages of Haddatha (6 dead), Kfar Jouz (3 dead), Yater (4 dead), and Dayr Qanoon Annaher (3 dead).

Saturday July 29
Lebanon: ~31 civilians killed
Among them: A one-day old baby killed along with his mother Sawsan Tak al Deen. Five homes destroyed over the heads of their residents in the village of Ayn Arab, killing six people. Massacre in Nmayriyeh kills Sawsan Mahdi and her six children along with a friend of theirs.

Sunday July 30
Lebanon: ~70 civilians killed
Among them: Israel commits the second massacre in Qana in a decade. More than 60 people, including about 37 children, killed when Israeli jets raze the house they were huddled in.

Tuesday Aug 1
Lebanon: ~11, mostly civilians killed.
Among them: People killed when Israel storms hospital in Baalbek in the eastern Bekaa valley.

Thursday Aug 3
Lebanon:~ 4 civilians killed
Among them: Israeli rocket hits house of Hani Marmar in the border town of Taybi, killing three members of the family.
Palestine:~9 civilians killed
Among them: Israeli raid on the Shawka area in Gaza leaves nine dead, including a child, and 26 injured, 7 of them in serious condition

Friday Aug 4
Lebanon: ~55 civilians killed
Among them: 33 people killed in attack on area of Qaa near the Lebanese Syrian border. Close to ten people were reported dead during the shelling of Ayta Ashaab area. Reports are surfacing that about 60 people are believed to be buried under the rubble in the villages of Ayta Ashaab and Attaybi.

Saturday Aug 5
Lebanon: ~7 civilians killed
Among them: Three people die in air raids on southern suburb of Beirut.
Palestine: ~4 civilians killed
Among them: Young man and young woman killed by Israeli rocket on Shawka neighbourhood in Rafah. Their parents were injured in the attack.

Monday August 7
Lebanon: ~60 civilians killed
Among them: More than twenty people die in air raids on the neighbourhood of As-shayyah in Beirut’s southern suburb. Fourteen others die in strikes on Ghaziyeh south of Saida. The rest are killed in bombing of Tyre, Ghassaniyeh (7 victims are from the same family), Haroof, Kfar Tebneet … Lebanese health minister Mohammad Khalife says a third of casualties are children.

Tuesday August 8
Lebanon: ~18 civilians killed
Among them: Israeli fire kills mourners of a massacre from the previous day; 11 people die in Ghaziyeh while walking in a funeral porcession of those killed in a massacre that took place the day before. Five other people die during air raid on convoy of 11 trucks carrying fuel on an alternate road between Syria and Lebanon. Two people die and several injured, including children, during pounding of Palestinian refugee camp of Ayn El Helweh.

Wednesday Aug 9
Lebanon:~10 civilians killed
Among them: Six people killed in masscre in Masghara in the western Bekaa valley.

Thursday Aug 10
Lebanon: ~4 civilians killed
Among them: Four people die in bombing of southern and eastern villages. Aggression involved around 24 air raids on southern city of Tyre alone.

Friday Aug 11
Lebanon: ~23 civilians killed
Among them: 11 people die in Akkar county when Israeli fighter jets bomb bridge near Billanit al Heesa. Six others died and 32 injured when convoy evicting Lebanese security personnel and aid workers from Marjiyoon is targeted by Israeli warplanes.

Saturday Aug 12
Lebanon: ~20 civilians killed
Among them: Most Lebanese civilian victims died in bombing of village of Rishaf in the county of Bint Jbayil and in a raid on a truck in the village of Kharayib.

Sunday Aug 13
Lebanon:~17 civilians killed
Among them: Six people, including three children died in Burg Ashamali, three in Gibseet, three in Shaath, three in Ali Annahr, two in Kilya and Baalbek, and one in Kaakaa-iyyit Al Jisir.


Assalomo Alaikum

Thanks for the reporting from the ground.

It has been used on the main news page at http://www.lookera.com/indexnews.php

No peace without justice.


Comment by LooKera — August 31st, 2006 @ 4:07 PM

All you’re doing is showing civilians being killed, but completely leaving out the fact that terrorists are launching their campaigns of terror from behind these children’s playgrounds, and families. Worse yet, most of these people even know about it, but allow it to go on, so innocent is bullshyt. They’re just as guilty as these terrorists, and especially for blaming their deaths on Israel when terrorists are using them as a worthless shield, because Israel doesn’t just bomb innocent civilians, because if they did you know damn well there obviously wouldn’t be a single building left standing.

Comment by William — September 10th, 2006 @ 5:24 PM

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