Photos: Aks’ser | Nomadic Massive

November 5th, 2008 | Posted in Canada, Culture, Lebanon, Quebec

    Photo essay from Khalil Allioui

    Nomadic Massive taking the stage at La Sala Rossa in Montreal.

Photos capturing a fantastic global hip-hop concert in Montreal on Sunday, November 2nd, co-presented by the Festival du Monde Arabe and Tadamon!, featuring Aks’ser (Arabic for ‘against the traffic’) a Lebanese hip-hop duo from Beirut and the international rhythms from Nomadic Massive from Montreal. Upwards of two-hundred people attended the concert at La Sala Rossa, bringing together people for an evening featuring hip-hop expressions from Montreal to the Middle East rooted in conscience expression and social justice.

    Rayess Bek and Iben Foulen of Aks’ser performing in Montreal.

    Meryem Saci, Waahli Yussef and Nantali Indongo from Nomadic Massive.

    Nomadic Massive performs at La Sala Rossa at Festival du Monde Arabe.

    Crowd gathered at La Sala Rossa to watch Nomadic Massive perform live.

    Vox Sambou from Nomadic Massive touching the sky.

Fists raised high at La Sala Rossa, reclaiming the culture of struggle through song.

    Nomadic Massive, bringing energy from the streets to the stage.

    Live hip-hop musicians from Nomadic Massive on stage at La Sala Rossa.

    Nomadic Massive can be found on-line, also Aks’ser is on-line.

    Aks’ser live improve video on the streets in Montreal.

    Vox Sambou of Nomadic Massive single Lakay, view on-line.

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