When they talk about the war …

October 13th, 2006 | Posted in Culture, War and Terror

When they talk about the war,

planes breaking sound barriers

My mind recalls the nights,

The sleepless dark silent nights,
an uncommon silence
A hollow silence filled with the sound of danger
So close by, i NEED to run!

Mind alert

Mind searching for a flying scratching irregular sound,
as if going around
Around, right on top of my head,
Somewhere close,
Trying to locate it,
To find it and make it STOP
I want to know what it wants to do
let it strike its biggest strike and end the endless suspense game

My life is mine, it’s not theirs to, to turn it into their endless
Hitchcock movie!

To know where it will strike,
Close by?

Or far? (it’s never far, we are all one)
 the imaginary linkage box they call TV tries to make it seem an imaginary movie
not this time
it’s never far,
 i hear the sound,
i feel the sound
in my being,
in my eyes
my flesh is trembling inside with every air pressure moving
with every glass window traveling a millimeter more than it should

Where is it exactly?
I cannot see it,
but why do I feel it?

i wait for it

Waiting for sleep to come and save me
Mind searching for a creature,
a mechanical creature
resembling a bird
an evil metal bird
Operated by a human
Searching for an aim
A random aim?

Is it my searching mind searching for its random searching scratching sound

Sounds of Close war in sleepless nights

I always felt a bomb might come close to us anytime anywhere
Nights, my nights

Nisrine Maktabi arrived in Montreal from Beirut during the war.

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