London: Demonstrations for Gaza

January 21st, 2009 | Posted in Palestine
    photo essay by Bissane.

Photo: Bissane. An image of the massive protests for Gaza in London in recent weeks.

In London historic demonstrations in opposition to the Israeli aerial bombardment and following military invasion into Gaza have attracted record numbers of people from across the U.K. Multiple estimates, including the Guardian newspaper, estimate that around 100 000 people gathered in downtown London for the largest protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza on Saturday, January 10th.

A unilateral ceasefire in Gaza has been declared while Israel maintains complete territorial control over the entire Palestinian territory, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are still counting the dead. It is estimated that over 1300 Palestinians, including over 300 children were killed during the Israeli military operation that also targeted multiple civilian institutions, including universities, U.N. schools, apartment buildings and media institutions.

Protests in London, throughout Europe and internationally marked some of the largest protests in solidarity with Palestine in recent history, including in Montreal, street protests organized rapidly around the world to oppose the Israeli attack on Gaza, which has seriously dented Israel’s public image internationally.

    Photo: Bissane. Protesters in London for Gaza.

Photo: Bissane. A Hezbollah flag flying in London solidarity demonstration with Gaza.

Read more about the mobilizations in London in opposition to Israel’s military attack on and ongoing siege over Gaza on-line at; Stop the War Coalition the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the International Solidarity Movement – UK.

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