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July 7th, 2006 | Posted in Radio Tadamon!

Weekly Reports on Struggles for Social & Economic Justice in LEBANON

Tadamon! a collective of media activists & community organizers from
Montreal working to build solidarity with movements for social & economic
justice in Lebanon are currently on a delegation to Lebanon and the Middle
East. As part of this delegation members of Tadamon! will be producing
weekly 30 minutes audio reports for individual download, podcast &
broadcast on upwards of 20 campus / community radio stations in Canada.

Tadamon!’s weekly audio reports will focus on the present day cultural,
social and political realities in the Middle East from a perspective of
social justice. Radio Tadamon!’s reports will be produced on a weekly
basis and will be regularly uploaded from the Middle East each THURSDAY
for broadcast, download & podcast internationally throughout July &

—> Downloading Radio Tadamon!:

You can download Radio Tadamon! in Mp3 format from Radio Indymedia,
Radio4all or the website of the World Association of Community Radio
Broadcasters [AMARC]. Below listed are the download links for the first
episode of Radio Tadamon! produced from the Middle East….

The first report produced by Tadamon! uncovers present day social &
economic situation in Lebanon, focusing on the growing poverty rates
throughout the country. Recent estimates on poverty in Lebanon indicate
that upwards of 35-40% of the country is living below the poverty line.
This radio piece attempts to address poverty within the context of
Lebanon’s civil-war between 1975 & 1990, the post-war reconstruction and
the major political changes taking place today in Lebanon.

Featuring the voices of Dr. Elie Yachoui, Dean of the Faculty of Economics
at Notre Dame University, Adib Nehmeh, Policy Advisor at the United
Nations Development Program in Lebanon [UNDP], Kamal Hamdan of the
Consultation & Research Institute of Lebanon, Ziad Abdel Samad of the Arab
NGO Network for Development in Lebanon….

You can download the first report from Tadamon! from the following links.

* The Indymedia Radio Network:

* The World Association of Community Radio Broadcaster – AMARC:

* A-Infos Radio Project:

—> Broadcasting Radio Tadamon!:

Upwards of 20 community / campus radio stations in Canada have expressed
interest in broadcasting Radio Tadamon!’s weekly audio reports from the
Middle East.

If you are interested in receiving the broadcast details for specific
cities keep contact the Tadamon! collective at: tadamon[at] –
Tadamon! can inform you of the specific broadcast time and specific
program on which the weekly program is being broadcast.

Below listed are all the stations in Canada who will be broadcasting Radio
Tadamon! throughout July & August 2006….

CJTR Radio in Regina Saskatchewan
CIRO Radio in Kelowna B.C.
CKXU Radio in Lethbridge Alberta
CJSF Radio at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver B.C.
CJMP Jump Radio in Powell River B.C.
CHMA Radio in Sackville New Brunswick
CJLY Kootenay Coop Radio in Nelson B.C.
CFBU Radio at Brock University in St. Catharines Ontario
FREQ Campus Radio in Oshawa Ontario
CJSW Radio in Calgary Alberta
CILU Radio in Thunder Bay Ontario
CFCR Radio in Saskatoon Saskatchewan
CJSR Radio in Edmonton Alberta
CKLN Radio in Toronto Ontario
CFRO Coop Radio in Vancouver
CFRU Radio in Guelph Ontario
CHUO Radio at the University of Ottawa Ontario
CKUT Radio in Montreal

—> Podcasting Radio Tadamon!:

The Rabble Podcast Network is collaborating with Tadamon! to Podcast the
30 minute weekly reports from the Middle East. Below are the details on
how to subscribe to the Tadamon! Podcast….

* Tadamon! Podcast:

* Tadamon! Episode – Lebanon: Poverty, War & Globalization

* XML Subscribe for Radio Tadamon!:

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