LEBANON: Images of War

November 18th, 2006 | Posted in Independent Media, War and Terror

5616170_Detail5502.jpgA Multimedia Journey Through the 34-Day War in Lebanon & Its Aftermath

An evening featuring an interactive multimedia presentation on the recent war on Lebanon and its aftermath, with award-winning independent reporter Ana Nogueira of Democracy Now! & photojournalist Andrew Stern….

THURSDAY, November 30th, 7pm
Atwater Library
1200 Atwater.
corner St. Catherine
[Atwater metro]
Suggested Donation, 5-10$

Translation into En. Fr. & Arabic Available, * Childcare Provided

Interweaving still photography, audio and video, this event is a uniquely intimate look at the human cost of this 34 day conflict that took the lives of over 1300 people, wounded thousands more, and displaced over one million….

Democracy Now! correspondent Ana Nogueira and Redux Pictures photojournalist Andrew Stern traveled to Lebanon while the war raged, and stayed for five weeks post ceasefire to document the aftermath of the war. Their work takes us to scenes of horrific bombings in the southern suburbs of Beirut to the ruins of Southern Lebanon’s Bint Jbail, Aita Chaab and Qana, from tobacco fields littered with Israeli cluster bombs to the oil-slicked Lebanese coastline.

Featuring interviews with survivors and families of those not so fortunate, Samidoun provides a rare glimpse into the hearts of ordinary people whose lives have been changed forever, and ultimately reveals the steadfast determination of the Lebanese people to survive and rebuild their country in the face of unimaginable violence and national anguish.

—> Information on Presenters:

Andrew Stern – Will present still photographs with audio collage, 23min

Andrew Stern is a photojournalist committed to documenting critical social and political issues. His compelling imagery has been recognized for the intimate relationship he develops with his subjects, as well as the time he spends to immerse himself in a story. He has photographed in over 20 countries and his award winning work has appeared in The Guardian Weekend Magazine, Readers Digest, Harper’s, The New York Times, Internazionale, Die Welt, La Jornada and many other publications both domestically and internationally. He is co-author of the book We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism [Verso, 2003]. He has recently returned from covering the war in Lebanon and is based in New York City.

For more Info visit: http://www.andrewstern.net

&Ana Nogueira – Will present a Video Documentary, 38 min.

Ana Nogueira is a television journalist and media activist. She worked as a producer for Democracy Now! for four years and is now a correspondent for the award-winning daily news program. Ana is a founder of the New York City Independent Media Center and its newspaper, The Indypendent. She has been deeply involved in the growth of the Indymedia Network worldwide, believing that citizen journalism plays a critical role in helping us understand the tumultuous world in which we live.

Download & view Nogueira’s work at: http://democracynow.org/static/ananogueira.shtml

—> Tadamon! Montreal:

Tadamon! [Solidarity!, in Arabic] is a Montreal-based collective of social-justice organizers & media activists, working to build relationships of solidarity with grassroots political movements for social and economic justice between Beirut & Montreal. Through organizing work both locally and internationally, Tadamon! aligns itself with social justice movements in Lebanon, Canada and internationally which are anti-capitalist & anti-authoritarian in nature.

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