Audio Report: Montreal Groups on mass Demonstrations in Lebanon

December 20th, 2006 | Posted in Independent Media, Other, Resistance

A report produced by Dmitri Marine of CKUT’s Community News Collective for broadcast in Montreal. Featuring a press conference co-organized by Tadamon! Montreal, Al Hidaya Association and the Council of Lebanese Canadian Organizations [COLCO].


The press conference in Montreal aimed on illustrating that contrary to major media coverage, the popular uprising in Lebanon is NOT a coup, but is an attempt to form a national unity government, which would accommodate different factions in the face of Israel’s deadly 2006 assault on Lebanon. Moreover, the protest is not a Hezbollah-only protest, with Hezbollah representing only one of over 10 political parties at the demonstration.

This audio report features the voices of Mary Foster of Tadamon! Montreal, Ziad Najjar of the Council of Lebanese Canadian Organizations [COLCO] and May Hayder of Al Hidaya Association.

To Listen / Download this audio report visit:
the Ainfos Radio Project.

CKUT Radio broadcasts at 90.3fm in Montreal and is the cities predominant campus/community radio station with an estimated 100 000 listeners in the Montreal area according to the CRTC [Canadian Radio-Television Commission] data. You can also listen to CKUT Radio ONLINE!

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You can also listen to the report online at Dmitri Marine blog:

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