Photos: Night demonstration in Bil’in

July 31st, 2009 | Posted in Boycott, Canada, Palestine, Quebec
    photo essay by Yotam Ronen ActiveStills

Photo: Yotam Ronen: ActiveStills. Palestinian lands under Israeli occupation at night.

Bil’in, Palestine has become an inspiring example of popular resistance to many across the world, as the small village in occupied Palestine has engaged in a consistent struggle against Israeli colonization, through weekly creative protests against the Israeli apartheid wall which is set to annex an estimated 60% of Bil’in’s land.

In June 2009, Bil’in village launched a historical lawsuit in Montreal against Green Park International and Green Mount International, two companies registered in Quebec. Members of Bil’in’s Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements and Emily Schaeffer, an Israeli lawyer representing the village of Bil’in were present in Montreal for the first hearings and also toured eleven cities across Canada. Bil’in’s lawsuit is rooted in the fact that the two companies are constructing illegal Israeli colonies on Bil’in’s lands in the West Bank which violates both international and Canadian law, specifically the Geneva Convention.

In recent week Israeli forces have been raiding Bil’in village, making targeted arrests against youth from Bil’in village and disturbing the village in the early hours of the night. In response villages from Bil’in and both international and Israeli activists have been holding nighttime demonstrations against the nighttime raids and the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine.

    Photo: Yotam Ronen: ActiveStills. Palestinian flag flying at night in Bil’in.

Photo: Yotam Ronen: ActiveStills. Israeli military launches tear-gas at nighttime.

Photo: Yotam Ronen: ActiveStills. Demonstrators with lanterns in Bil’in during protest.

    Photo: Yotam Ronen: ActiveStills. Palestinian flag at night action in Bil’in.

ActiveStills is an Israeli photo activist collective which documents popular struggles for social justice in Israel / Palestine.

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