American Radical with Norman Finkelstein

November 15th, 2009 | Posted in Culture, Palestine

Norman Finkelstien in Montreal for premier, presented by Cinema Politica & Tadamon!


    Monday November 16, 2009
    Screening 19h00
    1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West
    Concordia University
    Montreal, Quebec

David Ridgen and Nicolas Rossier / USA-Canada / 2009 / 84 min

American Radical is the probing, definitive documentary about American academic Norman Finkelstein. A devoted son of holocaust survivors, ardent critic of Israel and US Mid-East policy, and author of five provocative books including, “The Holocaust Industry”, Finkelstein has been steadfast at the center of many intractable controversies, including his recent denial of tenure at DePaul University. Called a lunatic and disgusting self-hating Jew by some, and an inspirational street-fighting revolutionary by others, Finkelstein is a deeply polarizing figure whose struggles arise from core questions about freedom, identity and nationhood.

From Beirut to Kyoto, the filmmakers follow Finkelstein around the world as he attempts to negotiate a voice among both supporters and critics, providing an intimate portrait of the man behind the controversy while giving equal time to both his critics and supporters.

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Norman Finkelstein

Both of Finkelstein’s parents are Holocaust survivors who were active in the Warsaw ghetto uprising. His mother, Maryla Husyt Finkelstein survived the Majdanek concentration camp, and his father, Zacharias Finkelstein, survived the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Finkelstein’s work has earned him both condemnation and praise from various intellectuals and scholars. He has written six notable books on the Middle East conflict and the Holocaust, including the international bestsellers The Holocaust Industry and Beyond Chutzpah. Finkelstein is completing his seventh book – A Farewell to Israel: The Coming Break-up of American Zionism – arguing that American Jewish support for Israel is beginning to wane.

Finkelstein has been mentored by notable linguist and political scientist Noam Chomsky and his late wife Carol. He is a close friend of Canadian Nazi Hunter Ruth Bettina Birn and Award winning investigative journalist Allan Nairn. He often appears on the award-winning radio and television program Democracy Now!

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