Photos: Artists Against Apartheid XI

November 18th, 2009 | Posted in Boycott, Canada, Culture, Palestine, Quebec
    photos by Elsa Marie Jabre and Anthony Côte


Photo: Elsa Marie Jabre. Seven Arrows performs at Artists Against Apartheid.

Montreal’s groundbreaking concert series Artists Against Apartheid continues to unite artists on stages across the city for major cultural events in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

At the eleventh Artists Against Apartheid hundreds gathered to listen to performances, including a trio featuring Sam Shalabi on oud, Omar Dewachi on oud and Pierre-Guy Blanchard on percussion to open the evening.

Artists Against Apartheid XI also featured Seven Arrows, a new ensemble including featuring Joe Grass pedal steel, Rebecca Foon cello, Andrew Barr drums and percussion, Sarah Pagé harp, Yuki Isami flute and shinoboe, who transfixed the audience with a beautiful performance.

Composer and pianist Antoine Bustros closed the concert with a trio, with Benoît Piché on trumpet and Greg Smith on sampler, performing live footage from Territories a documentary film by filmmaker Mary-Ellen Davis.


    Photo: Elsa Marie Jabre. Yuki Isami performs with Seven Arrows.


Photo: Anthony Côte. Oud trio; Sam Shalabi, Omar Dewachi and Pierre-Guy Blanchard.


Photo: Elsa Marie Jabre. Percussion by Pierre-Guy Blanchard at La Sala Rossa.


Photo: Elsa Marie Jabre. Sam Shalabi and Omar Dewachi at La Sala Rossa.


Photo: Anthony Côte. Seven Arrows performs at La Sala Rossa, November 2009.


Photo: Anthony Côte. Trumpet by Benoît Piché to Territories by Mary-Ellen Davis.


Photo: Elsa Marie Jabre. Joe Grass performs on pedal steel with Seven Arrows.

Elsa Marie Jabre is a Montreal-based photographer and student at Concordia University

Anthony Côte is a photographer, poet and scholar from France, currently in Montreal.

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