Checkpoint Rock: Songs From Palestine

February 14th, 2010 | Posted in Canada, Culture, Events, Palestine
    Israeli Apartheid Week 2010 featuring Up Front: 3 Palestinian Women


    Monday March 8 2010
    screening begins 19h30
    Room H-110, 1455 de Maisonneuve west
    Concordia University, Montreal
    co-presented by Cinema Politica

* Checkpoint Rock

A journey through one of the regions which is always in the glare of the world’s media, yet one which few of us really know. What is the music that forms the backing track of this mythical place? What are its most iconic musicians and how do they live? What do they think of the unique conditions in which they live and how is that reflected in their lyrics and their melodies? From the neon and the billboards of Tel Aviv to the poverty and desperation of the occupied territories of the West Bank and the vast concentration camp the Gaza strip has become, in this “Checkpoint Rock” we will share with very different musicians, going from town to town and from checkpoint to checkpoint, in a journey that will change the way we see this people in conflict and also the way we see ourselves.

Director – Javier Corcuera and Fermín Muguruza
Screenplay – Fermín Muguruza
Cinematography – Jordi Abusada

view trailer for Checkpoint Rock

Checkpoint Rock will be preceded by the 30 minute film, Up Front: 3 Palestinian Women to commemorate International Women’s Day within Israeli Apartheid Week.

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