Syrians, Golan residents rally in support of prisoners held in Israel

April 22nd, 2007 | Posted in Solidarity, Syria



    Golan Heights: Photo from John Barnabas.

Some 100 Syrians and Golan Heights residents marched Saturday to the office of the International Red Cross to mark Arab Detainees Day.

The marchers, most of them relatives of the 15 Syrians held in Israeli jails and students from the Golan Heights who study in Damascus, carried photos of Palestinian and Syrian detainees and Syrian flags.

They sent a message to the head of the International Red Cross in Geneva to work for the release of the detainees as soon as possible.

In their letter, they protested against what they called a “double-standard policy espoused by the U.S. administration which controls the UN Security Council.”

Abdul-Karim al-Omar, the head of the Committee for Supporting Syrian Detainees and Prisoners in Israeli jails, said the march was to “remind the world of the Syrian detainees’ suffering,” noting that four detainees have been in jail for more than 21 years and were suffering serious health problems.

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