The Pride of Our Nation Must Not be Built upon the Blood of Civilians

May 23rd, 2007 | Posted in Solidarity, War and Terror

    Sign on Statement initiated by Samah Idriss, editor of Al Adab Magazine


For days, the Nahr el Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp has been under heavy attacks from the Lebanese Army, attacks that did not spare civilians that have absolutely no relationship with ‘Fateh el Islam.’ The undersigned condemn this indiscriminate bombing that targets one of the most important reservoirs of the Palestinian resistance.

While we recognize and stress the dignity of the Lebanese Army, which was not dragged into the conspiracy of disarming the Lebanese National Resistance to please the US-Israeli schemes, we appeal to all political, patriotic, military, and security officials to open the door for the relief convoys to reach the civilians in the camp. Furthermore, the Lebanese and Palestinians civilians and venerable Palestinian freedom-fighters must not pay the price for the wrongdoings of ‘Fateh el Islam’ and for those who attempt to create a rift between the Lebanese Army and Palestinians.

The pride of our nation must not be built upon the blood of civilians, upon the shacks of the poor, or upon the souls of the Lebanese and Palestinian freedom-fighters.

We call for an immediate ceasefire. We call for a negotiated, political settlement between the Lebanese and Palestinian factions and the popular committees inside Nahr Al-Bared Camp. Most urgently, we call for the immediate creation of a safe route for the relief and medical convoys to the besieged.

To sign: email Samah Idriss at kidriss(at)cyberia(dot)net(dot)lb.


For an immediate cease-fire and the protection of relief and medical convoys to the besieged.

Comment by Assaf Kfoury — May 24th, 2007 @ 2:03 AM

Palestinian people are human and deserve the rights. Killing 20 and more civilians, and considering it as nothing can only help in more hate and more killing.
I hope for the army to considering it the same way as they would were the civilians there lebanese.

Comment by Shadi Fadda — May 24th, 2007 @ 10:58 AM

Laïque et démocrate, je soutiens la tolérance et le dialogue au Liban et je rejette toutes les formes de fanatismes religieux ou nationalistes.

Je suis 100% du côté de l’Etat libanais et de son armée pour protéger la souveraineté du Liban, sa diversité et la tolérance.

Je soutiens l’action menée, mais à condition d’épargner les civils et le peu de biens qu’ils possèdent dans les camps ; les autres organisations palestiniennes dans les camps palestiniens doivent elles aussi prendre leurs responsabilité et aider l’Etat libanais pour les arrêter. Car ces terroristes fanatiques “prétendent” vouloir islamiser les camps palestiniens et libérer la Palestine (sic).

Il faut raison et cœur garder, mais aussi éthique et cohérence.

Je rejette le fanatisme et la violence des fondamentalistes et intégristes, de toutes religions qu’ils soient ; Personne ne doit pas tomber dans leur jeu de la violence aveugle et meurtrière. La violence qui touche des civils innocents dans les camps palestiniens, ne fait que renforcer le soutien populaire aux intégristes et aux fanatiques.

Dans le passé, on a critiqué la politique d’Israël qui a bombardé et tué des civils dans les camps palestiniens au Liban et on ne peut pas rester silencieux pour ce qui se fait avec l’armée libanaise vis-à-vis des civils palestiniens.

Soyons honnête et cohérent.

Par ailleurs, Si on refuse aujourd’hui encore la politique meurtrière d’Israël vis-à-vis des activistes palestiniens à Gaza, politique qui finit par tuer des civils palestiniens, on doit aussi la refuser au Liban.

La fin ne peut jamais justifier les moyens.


Comment by MAKKI Hassane — May 24th, 2007 @ 11:09 AM

أتفق تمام مع ما جاء بالبيان وأضيف توقيعي وصوتي إليه من القاهرة

Comment by alzaher — May 24th, 2007 @ 11:16 AM

The army should stop random shelling, I support any effort to eliminate these radical terrosrists who brought nothing but more pain and suffering to our Palestinian people. But i blame the Palestinian forces in the camp for letting this parasite group, grow and flourish in their grounds, when less than 15% are Palestinians.

Long Live Palestine..

Comment by Taha Sammour — May 25th, 2007 @ 3:38 PM

The fact that the Lebanese army has no jurisdiction in the camps, as well as the fact that they are so poorly trained prevents them in engaging in any sort of precision guerilla warfare. They instead have opted for the shelling option… Using heavy weaponry from a distance to bomb a densely populated urban area. The Lebanese army is now sadly sounding like the Israeli army making excuses for civilian casualties, claiming that militants are firing from amongst them.
The power vacuum and the dreadful living conditions in the camps has made them a fertile ground for these groups that are terrorists in the real (non bushamerican) sense of the word. the palestinian factions need to step up and use their influence to bring this stand-off to an end. as the so called war on terror has shown us internationally, there is no military solution to erradicate the extremist element within societies… but there is no doubt that fateh el islam needs to be dismantled…and a military reaction was understandable and justifiable. but while there has been a build up of military momentum and mass popular support through these operations, it is time to negotiate a viable, realistic and lasting solution for the status of these militants as well as the secutity vacuum within the camps.
i wish courage to the yet again displaced refugees of nahr el bared, the kids who are fighting in the lebanese army, the lebanese people at the brink of war, and those of us who can only watch all of this at a distance.

Comment by haig — May 27th, 2007 @ 6:54 AM

Stop killing and start helping – that’s the ultimate way to peace

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