Radio Tadamon! Reflections on Lebanon War.

August 2nd, 2007 | Posted in Hezbollah, Lebanon, Radio Tadamon!

    Produced for Radio Tadamon! by Stefan Christoff.


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Listen to a special edition of Radio Tadamon! focused on commemorating the July 2006 Israeli military assault on Lebanon, a 34 day war that left over 1300 Lebanese civilians dead, large parts of the national infrastructure destroyed and southern Lebanon littered in over 1 million unexploded cluster bombs.

This edition of Radio Tadamon! features multiple testimonies and reflections on the 2006 war on Lebanon recorded at a Montreal community commemoration event which attracted hundreds of participants from the Montreal region.

Also this edition of Radio Tadamon! features a feature interview with May Hayder, a Lebanese community organizer in Montreal with Al-Hidaya Association who touches on a number of key issues regarding the current political turmoil in the Middle East, from the history of conflict between Israel & the Arab world, to the impacts of the 2006 Lebanon on the Lebanese Diaspora in Canada and finally to the designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization in Canada.

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