Montreal: Egypt revolution solidarity protest

February 11th, 2011 | Posted in Canada, Egypt
    Montreal solidarity protest. Long live Egyptian revolution!


    Friday February 11th 17h-18h
    Egyptian Consulate
    1000 rue De La Gauchetiere O.
    (metro Bonaventure)
    Montreal, Quebec

With Mubarak’s defiant position, the deafness that prevented him from hearing the people telling him to go and with the wishy-washy position of the US, and the West in general vis-a-vis the situation in Egypt, we have to continue supporting the brave people of Egypt who are now at a very critical point in their struggle.

Tadamon is calling on its friends, supporters, and allies to continue to support the people of Egypt. In Montreal efforts are ongoing within the Egyptian and other communities to continue to put pressure and shed light on what is taking place currently in Egypt–what is now becoming a critical moment in this struggle for change. Attempts by the Egyptian regime to destabilize the situation further and create a climate of fear cannot be allowed to work. So we must stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Egypt who are now fighting for theirvery lives, dignity and freedom until Mubarak leaves.

Those protesting and organizing in Egypt are on the front lines of showing that popular democracy and a true popular uprising can bring real social, economic and political change including the end of authoritarian rule across the Arab world. This, in defiance of and in resistance to the United States with its regional vision that benefits a privileged few and, also, its regional allies, most especially, Israel. This, in the name and in the interests of the overwhelming majority of people who desire and wish to see real democracy, social justice and an end to Israeli Apartheid and the occupation of Iraq. So, in solidarity with these popular struggles, we encourage people to support the demonstrations here in Montreal.

    photo Hossam el-Hamalawy

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