Montreal: Solidarity with Gaza

April 8th, 2011 | Posted in Canada, Events, Palestine, Quebec

Palestine bloc @ protest against Canada military role in Libya via Échec à la guerre


    Saturday April 9th 12h30
    corner Président-Kennedy & Bleury
    metro Place-des-Arts
    Montreal, Quebec
    bring your Palestinian flags, solidarity banners & signs !

As the revolutionary spirit from Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and the resistance in Libya inspires the world, Israel’s war drum continues to beat.

As we gather in Montreal to oppose Canada’s role in air-strikes against Libya, a military campaign threatening civilians in Libya and the political autonomy of uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East, we will also demonstrate for freedom in Palestine.

Today the Palestinian people inside Gaza are facing an escalation in violence via Israeli military forces. Over the past two weeks, more than a dozen Palestinians have been killed inside Gaza, including a Palestinian boy, 10-year-old Mahmoud Jalal al-Hilu, killed by an Israeli tank shell while playing in the Shujaiya neighborhood east of Gaza City.

This recent escalation occurs as part of continued Israeli aggression attempting to obliterate the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, a continuation of Israel’s policies towards Gaza in recent years. An military siege on Gaza continues today, a policy of collective punishment according to Amnesty Intl., imposed on the entire population in Gaza after democratic elections backed Hamas.

According to WikiLeaks cables, the Israeli siege aims to keep Gaza on “on the brink of collapse.” After the internationally condemned Gaza massacre of over 1,400 Palestinians in Operation Cast Led, Israel continues to maintain the siege on Gaza as the situation continues to deteriorate for Palestinian civilians.

Today the international community remains complicit in the siege of Gaza, while Israeli apartheid policies throughout Palestine continue without protest from the U.N. Security Council, where the U.S. recently utilized a veto in a vote to condemn Israeli settlement expansion.

Recent interpretations toward statements made by U.N. official Judge Richard Goldstone, on the critically important Goldstone report, pave the way for an international green light for another invasion and massacre in Gaza.

Today, as people resist in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia, and in Palestine for true self-determination in revolutionary uprisings across the Middle East, in Palestinian people take to the streetsagainst for Palestinian Authority (PA), for national unity and democratic change; for real self determination against Israeli colonialism and apartheid.

We are calling on the people of Montreal to join us on Saturday April 9th as part of the cross Canada day of action against western military intervention in Libya, and the occupation of Afghanistan and solidarity with the revolutions in the Arab world, we must remain vigilant in our solidarity with Palestine. Israeli apartheid is a key to western foreign policy and support to Arab dictatorships across the Middle East, regimes that have brutally suppressed their populations and denied basic, economic and social justice.

Today there is no freedom in Palestine until there is freedom in Syria, Jordan, Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. Today there is one common struggle that includes the end of Israeli apartheid.

End the attacks on Gaza! Free Palestine!

Tadamon! Montreal
514 664 1036

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