Tadamon! solidarity statement for resistance to Vancouver 2010 Olympics

January 12th, 2010 | Posted in Canada, Environment, Palestine, Solidarity

Tadamon! statement of solidarity with resistance against the Vancouver 2010 Olympics


    Photo: Mohawk flag over highway during Six Nations blockade in 2007.

From February 12-28, 2010 the Winter Olympic games will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a grassroots social justice collective who engages in Middle-East solidarity from an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial perspective, Tadamon gives its solidarity and support to the many social justice and indigenous organizations who are calling out to disrupt and protest the Vancouver Winter Olympics. From Palestine to the Coast Salish Territory (“Vancouver”), there can never be justice on stolen land.

In the year 2010, the Winter Olympics will be taking place on occupied land. The entire province of so-called “British Columbia” is unceded indigenous territory, meaning that no treaties were ever signed between the Canadian government and the first nations of that land. Many of these nations are actively and courageously fighting against displacement and destruction of their resources until this day.

To date, development for the 2010 Olympics has lead to the displacement of indigenous indigenous people in both the interior of BC, and also in the downtown east side of Vancouver. Just as indigenous Palestinian land is today being swallowed up to build illegal highways and Israeli settlements, the lands of the Secwepemc and many other nations in BC are being destroyed to make way for ski hills, resorts, and other playgrounds for the rich. And just as people all over the Middle-East have been resisting imperialism and colonialism for decades, First Nations on the west coast of Turtle Island (“North America”) have been fighting these same systems of domination for over 500 years. The Olympics are but another extension of colonialism, and must be resisted accordingly.

Tadamon fully endorses the broad range of movements who are resisting the Vancouver Olympics and we encourage all our supporters to support anti-Olympic demonstrations which will be taking place in Montreal and beyond. Our solidarity extends beyond borders. Just as we join with the peoples of the Middle East in their fight against colonialism, so must we join with the indigenous people of Turtle Island in theirs.

for more information, and to stay informed about anti-Olympic organizing, please visit:

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