Montreal: Confront Harper & Conservatives

28 avril 2011 | معتمد Events, Canada, Palestine, Quebec

Harper speaking in Montreal. download anti-Harper posters Howl! collective


    Friday, 29 April, 8h15
    Grover auditorium
    5400 Ave Westbury
    a few blocks west of Côte-Ste-Catherine metro
    one block south of Côte-Ste-Catherine avenue

    bring banners, signs & noise makers!

Harper has been hiding from Montrealers during this election because he knows that we are pissed off! From racist immigration policies to the war in Afghanistan to inaction on pressing housing needs to his strong support for Israeli apartheid, Harper and the Conservatives are wreaking havoc.

Come out tomorrow morning to give him the welcome he deserves!


Hey Brothers and Sisters,
Thank you for the word out last night at the CJM community dinner!
It was a nice little welcome committee we put up today, thanks to everyone for coming out.
I’m happy to offer my pictures if anyone should be interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Keep up the fight!
In sol,

تعليق Dave GreenEye — 29 avril 2011 @ 13:38

Dégelis, QUE

Profitons en pour manifester contre la chaîne alimentaire Métro qui vend présentement des carottes d’Israël.

تعليق Yvon A Moreault — 29 avril 2011 @ 15:13

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