Montreal Screening: The Iron Wall.


    A documentary directed by Mohammed Alatar


    October 18th at 9:00pm (English version)
    October 18th at 7:00pm (French version)

    One Night Only at Cinema du Parc.
    Organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity PAJU.

In 1923 Vladimir Jobotinsky, the father of right-wing Zionism, wrote: “Zionist colonization (…) cannot progress and grow without the protection of a power that does not depend on the local population, the shelter of an iron wall that the local population cannot pierce”.

Ever since, these words have dictated the official and unofficial policy of the Zionist movement and, later, of the state of Israel. The colonies have served to consolidate Zionist control over historic Palestine.

Throughout the history of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, from 1967 on, more than 200 colonies have been constructed in the occupied territories in violation of international law. The Iron Wall demonstrates this phenomenon and examines the growth of these colonies and their population over time. The film demonstrates that the construction of these colonies is in fact the cornerstone of Israeli policy, and that the wall serves to transform the colonies into permanent and irreversible “facts on the ground”.

This documentary sounds the alarm that these “facts on the ground” threaten the possibility of a continuous and viable Palestinian state and of a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The Iron Wall presents interviews with peace activists, with Israeli and Palestinian political analysts, with colonists and Israeli army officers and with Palestinian farmers.

“The Iron Wall is the most succinct and factual documentary about Israel’s program of colonization. This film is a must for anyone who wants to understand the underlying issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…”- Green Left Weekly

“The best description of the wall, its route and its impact is given by the film The Iron Wall.” -President Jimmy Carter

“This is definitely the best film there is on Israeli colonization in the occupied territories’’
– Le Monde Diplomatique

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Looks just liike the wall between USA and Mexico.

Comment by Joe Aminoff — March 15th, 2011 @ 7:09 AM

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