No Border Camp: Montreal.

November 8th, 2007 | Posted in Mexico, Palestine, Politics, Repression, Resistance

    At the Laval Immigration Detention Center. November 10th / 11th


    Saturday, November 10th
    Cabot Square, Metro Atwater
    11am: Free Community Lunch
    1pm: Buses Depart for the Laval Detention Center

    To reserve a spot on the bus:

On November 10th and 11th, immigrants, migrants, refugees, and allies will be gathering in front of the Laval Immigration Detention Center (officially named “Centre de prévention de l’immigration”) to stand in solidarity with all those detained as a result of a racist and exploitive immigration system. The Laval Detention Center is a prison where at any one time there can be upwards of 100 immigrants held, including families with children. These walls unjustly seperate families and destroy lives.

They are part of a world apartheid system that controls movement and displaces entire communities. The camp is the creation of an autonomous space where we will be holding workshops and engaging in collective discussions in order to contribute to movements fighting for dignity and justice. As we camp in front of the walls of the Laval Detention Center we are also standing in solidarity with struggles against similar walls; from the US-Mexico border to Palestine.

Our organizing is rooted in support and solidarity with Indigenous struggles. We recognize that Turtle Island (the lands we know as Quebec, Canada and the US) is stolen land.

As a part of a global movement against borders and for self-determination, we are demanding:

    * An end to detentions,
    * An end to racism and xenophobia,
    * Freedom of movement and Status for All!

The Montreal No Border Camp is taking place in the context of actions against the US-Mexico border. November 9th is also the International Day against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine.

How to get to Centre de prévention de l’immigration in Laval: 200 Montée St-François, Laval.

If your taking the Bus/Metro: Take orange line to Cartier metro. Then take bus 28 (direction; Sainte-Vincent-de-Paul). This bus passes directly in-front of the detention center. For bus schedule visit HERE.

If your driving: Take Papineau north, cross the Papineau-Labelle bridge. At this point you will find yourself on Hyw 19 north, take the exit for Hyw 440 east, stay on the service road and exit Monteé St-François, turn right onto Monteé St-Francois and continue until 200 Monteé St-François.

What to bring with you, remember that its going to be cold!:

    – Sleeping bag(s), blankets
    (if you have extra blankets and can bring them, please do so.)
    – Tent
    – Rain Jacket
    – Lots of extra clothing, including sweaters and socks
    – Toque, scarf and mittens
    – Thermos (fill it with a hot drink before you come)
    – Bowl, spoon and cup
    – Drums and noise-makers

For More Information:
call: 514-848-7583

An initiative of: Peoples’ Global Action – Montreal, Ici la Otra, Solidarity Across Borders, Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie, No One Is Illegal – Montreal and Block the Empire – Montreal.

Endorsed by: Coalition Justice for Adil Charkoui, Immigrant Workers Center, Tadamon! Montreal, Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC), Les Apartides Anonymes.

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this is a horrible place i was there!! i saw a lot of people with depression!! including people who wants to kill themselves because of the stress but the worst thing. is that most of the people are the,,, are unjustly in this detention centre,, including family with 5 children!! this is horrible!!!!!!!!!

Comment by JAcy — June 7th, 2012 @ 4:05 PM

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