Stop Israeli War Crimes! – Rally at Israeli Consulate, SUNDAY, July 30th

July 30th, 2006 | Posted in Other

Stop Israeli War Crimes! – Rally at Israeli Consulate
Over 50 Civilians Massacred in Shelter in the Lebanese Town of Qana!

SUNDAY, JULY 30th, 1:30pm
Israeli Consulate
Corner of Peel & Rene Levesque
Metro Peel

Today the Israeli military carried out another major attack on Lebanese civilians in the town of Qana, in Southern Lebanon. Over 50 civilians lost their lives when the Israeli military bombed a small crowded civilian shelter in a deliberate massacre, which has been condemned throughout the world.

In Montreal the Coalition of Solidarity with Lebanon is calling for a rally outside of the Israeli Consulate to condemn the ongoing Israeli assault on Lebanon which to date has taken over 700 lives, destroyed the majority of the country’s civilian infrastructure, enforcing collective punishment against an entire nation.

Tadamon! Montreal calls on people to participate in today.s rally in Montreal to voice our rage against the continuous massacres taking place in Lebanon and the ongoing complicity of the Canadian government for Israeli war crimes. Tadamon! Montreal also voices solidarity with the ongoing Lebanese resistance to the Israeli assault on Lebanon and Palestine.

For an overview of the 2006 Israeli assault on Lebanon visit:

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