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Montreal : Réflexions sur la Révolution

Mouvements radicaux allant du Weather Underground aux Prisons et à la Palestine.

    SAMEDI 16 MAI 2009 à 19h00
    avec: Laura Whitehorn et Susie Day
    1400 de Maisonneuve Ouest
    local LB-125, Cinéma de Sève
    Concordia University
    Montreal, Quebec

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La Résistance Queer et la ‘guerre au terrorisme’.

8 novembre 2007 | Posté dans Genres et sexualité, Iran, Politique, Répression, Résistance

    perspectives du Moyen-Orient. Photo: Tehran, Iran.


    Jeudi le 15 novembre à 17h30
    à l’Université McGill (855 Sherbrooke Ouest)
    Pavillon Leacock, salle 232

Projection de film et discussion à propos des représentations contemporaines de la sexualité en Iran, et leur lien avec les discours impérialistes de la soi-disant “guerre au terrorisme”. La discussion aura lieu en présence de Sima Shakhsari, de la Faculté d’anthropologie de l’Université Stanford.

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Reclaiming Beirut: Call for Participation

18 juin 2007 | Posté dans Civil-war, Genres et sexualité, Résistance
    Report from Dajij, Lebanon


    Deadline for Submissions: 30 June 2007

As the spaces of our city are slowly being taken over by those who claim to be the sole bearers of its history; as the places in which we have grown up and lived are being turned into guarded enclaves; as Beirut is being overtaken by those who would destroy it in order to preserve the patriarchal sectarian status quo, the time for us to reclaim it has arrived with a pressing urgency.

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Arab women bring campaign for greater equality to fundamental front: the right to share one’s nationality.

9 avril 2007 | Posté dans Genres et sexualité

    Beirut conference draws representatives from five countries –
    including some that are far ahead of Lebanon


    Photo: Luca Perini / Article by Nour Samaha, Friday, April 13th, Daily Star.

BEIRUT: Women from across the Middle East wrapped up a four-day Nationality Campaign conference on Thursday aimed at pressuring their governments to enable women to exercise equal citizenship and nationality rights. Participants in the event, held at the Radisson Hotel, pledged to continue lobbying their governments for their rights in accordance with their respective constitutions and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

“We are asking for full and equal rights in citizenship among women in the Middle East, to allow them to pass on their nationality to their non-native husbands and children,” declared Lina Abu Habib, regional coordinator of the “My Nationality: A right for me and my family” campaign.

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International Women’s Day in Beirut

1 mars 2007 | Posté dans Genres et sexualité
    INCONCERT Lebanon, and DAJIJ Present: “International Women’s Day”


Invitation to attend, participate and celebrate with us in an event sparking a new initiative within the cultural and social realm of Beirut…

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Gay and lesbian advocacy group lowers political profile amid growing tensions on national scene

22 novembre 2006 | Posté dans Genres et sexualité, Guerre et terrorisme

Helem keeps up counseling and publishing efforts, but legal and media advocacy take back seat for now

By Paige Austin
Special to The Daily Star
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BEIRUT: Helem has undergone a subtle transformation in recent months. Lebanon’s pioneering gay and lesbian rights organization has scaled back its advocacy efforts in quiet acknowledgment of politicians’ preoccupation with other issues – and its own potential for igniting backlash. Helem’s full-time coordinator, Georges Azzi, says the shift is in part a reflection of the political turmoil in Lebanon in the aftermath of this past summer’s war with Israel. (Lire la suite…)

Out against the occupation

7 août 2006 | Posté dans Genres et sexualité, Guerre et terrorisme

Thursday August 10th, 8pm
Café Esperenza (5490 St. Laurent)
By Donation (a fundraiser for the Sanayeh Relief Center in Beirut)

An evening of film and discussion in solidarity with The Coalition to Boycott World Pride Jerusalem 2006

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