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Radio Tadamon! Islamic Democracy and the War on Terror.

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Listen to an interview with the Washington editor of Harpers Magazine, Ken Silverstein, who recently published an article entitled, “Parties of God: The Bush doctrine and the rise of Islamic democracy”, which examines the current democratic developments in the Middle East within the context of the U.S. supported War on Terror.


Whose Oil Is It, Anyway?

March 22nd, 2007 | Posted in Iraq
    New York Times, March 13th, 2007


    By Antonia Juhasz, San Francisco

TODAY more than three-quarters of the world’s oil is owned and controlled by governments. It wasn’t always this way.

Until about 35 years ago, the world’s oil was largely in the hands of seven corporations based in the United States and Europe. Those seven have since merged into four: ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and BP. They are among the world’s largest and most powerful financial empires. But ever since they lost their exclusive control of the oil to the governments, the companies have been trying to get it back.


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