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Radio Tadamon! Facing Racism in Quebec.

    Produced for Radio Tadamon! by Stefan Christoff.


    Download / Podcast the program from the Rabble Podcast Network.

In Canada, a state commission on “Reasonable Accommodation” regarding the rights of minorities and new immigrants in Quebec has created a storm of controversy. This edition of Radio Tadamon! features Indu Vashist, a community organizer in Montreal and May Hayder of Al-Hidaya Association presenting alternative perspectives on ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ to the government sponsored commission.


Radio Tadamon! Racism & ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ in Quebec.

September 24th, 2007 | Posted in Radio Tadamon!, Religion, Solidarity, Tadamon!, War and Terror

    Produced for Radio Tadamon! by Stefan Christoff.


    Download / Podcast the program from the Rabble Podcast Network.

Listen to an interview with Nazila Bettache of No One is Illegal Montreal on ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ in Quebec. A governmental commission began last week in Canada, on the growing racism faced in Quebec by immigrants.


25th Commemoration of Sabra / Chatila Massacre.

    Photo: Entrance of Chatila Refugee Camp, 1982.


    Picket and Remembrance in Downtown Montreal.

    Indigo Bookstore
    Corner of St. Catherine & McGill College
    (metro McGill)
    Montreal, Canada


Anti-Arab Racism, Islam, and the Left

September 7th, 2006 | Posted in Imperialism, Religion, Solidarity, War and Terror

by Rami El-Amine

Originally published by Zmag.

Racism against Arabs and Muslims long preceded the 9-11 terrorist attacks and has much of its roots in Western imperialism in the Middle East, especially Israel’s colonization of Palestine.  Yet, the escalation that we witness today can be traced to the war on terror launched after 9-11 by Bush and his neoconservative ideologues with the backing of the Democrats. Anti-Arab/anti-Muslim racism has helped sell the detentions, wars, gulags, and occupations of US imperialism’s latest and boldest venture into the Middle East and South Asia.  In turn, this imperial venture has further inflamed racist views of Arabs and Muslims.   What makes this growing racism so frightening is its wide acceptance in US society, particularly by the left.  With the latter, it is not as much conscious racism as not doing enough to fight it.  Part of this may be due to ambivalence, but it also stems from a lack of a dynamic understanding of Islamism.  Broad support gives anti-Arab/anti-Muslim racism a sense of legitimacy and respectability that makes building a mass movement that can end the war and occupation of Iraq difficult, if not impossible, since so much of the support for the war is fueled by fear and racism.

We thrash, curse for air
As our strangler declares, look
How violent the Arab
              – Haiku for the Head Locked by Zein El-Amine


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