كل المرسل في قسم 'Repression'

Israel targeting grassroots activists

28 octobre 2009 | معتمد Repression, Boycott, Palestine
    Inter Press Service, Mel Frykberg, 28 October 2009


Photo: Palestinian activist confronts Israeli occupation solider at Bil’in weekly protest

Jerusalem – Israeli authorities are increasingly targeting and intimidating nonviolent Palestinian grassroots activists involved in anti-occupation activities who are drawing increased support from the international community.

Several weeks ago masked Israeli soldiers stormed the home of Ehab Jallad from The Jerusalem Popular Committee for the Celebration of Jerusalem as the Capital of Arab Culture for 2009.


US-Lebanese man on trial in UAE ‘tortured’

15 septembre 2009 | معتمد Repression, Solidarity, Lebanon, Palestine
    Daily Star, Tuesday, September 15, 2009


    Photo Abu Dhabi skyline.

ABU DHABI: A United States citizen of Lebanese origin facing trial on terrorism charges in the United Arab Emirates confessed under torture, and his case should not be heard in a UAE court, his lawyer told a court on Monday. Naji Hamdan, who has been in custody in the UAE, is charged with “supporting terrorism” and being a member of Iraqi militant group Ansar al-Sunna because he entered an Islamist website and donated money to an Islamic charity.


Israel: Loyalty to racism

20 juin 2009 | معتمد Politics, Repression, Boycott, Palestine
    Al-Ahram, June 2009, by Azmi Bishara.

    Photo: Israeli occupation soldier cutting out the light.

What is behind the latest wave of legislative proposals flooding the Knesset agenda? I refer specifically to those intended to curb manifestations of Palestinian patriotism and to restrict the political activity of Arab Israelis.
Netanyahu and Lieberman

The aim of these laws is to impose the Israeli nationalist creed by coercion. It’s really that simple. Over the last decade, the Knesset has experienced several bursts of legislative activity seeking to restrict freedom of opinion and expression on the questions of the Jewishness of the state and the right to resist occupation. The advocates of these laws are indefatigable. If the proposals fail to pass through any of the necessary stages, they are resubmitted over and over again in the hope of wearing out their opponents.


Bil’in Tour: Israeli Apartheid on Trial

    cross-Canada speaking tour: June 5-22, 2009.

    Mohammed Khatib.
    Popular Committee Against the Wall, Bil’in, Occupied Palestine

    Emily Schaeffer.
    Israeli lawyer representing the village of Bil’in

Bil’in, a Palestinian village in the West Bank, has become an internationally celebrated symbol of Palestinian popular resistance to the ongoing construction of the Israeli apartheid wall and settlements on their land. Since 2005, villagers have led weekly protests, with the active participation from both Israeli and international solidarity activists, in opposition to illegal Israeli colonization and annexation of Palestinian land.


Artists Against Apartheid V

20 novembre 2008 | معتمد Imperialism, Repression, Boycott, Palestine

within the ongoing cultural series uniting artists in Montreal against Israeli Apartheid.

    SUNDAY DECEMBER 7th 2008
    8pm. 5-10$
    La Sala Rossa, 4848 St. Laurent
    Montreal, Quebec


Israel denies Palestinians access to land around settlements

18 septembre 2008 | معتمد Repression, Boycott, Palestine

    Report, B’Tselem, 16 September 2008.

Photo: Activestills. Palestinian worshipers trying to reach Jerusalem in Ramadan.

For years, Israeli authorities have both barred Palestinian access to rings of land surrounding settlements, and have not acted to eliminate settlers’ piratical closing of lands adjacent to settlements and blocking of Palestinian access to them. Blocking access is one of the many ways used to expand settlements. In recent years, Israel has institutionalized the closing of such lands in an attempt to retroactively sanction the unauthorized placement of barriers far from the houses at the edge of the settlements.

Settlers pave patrol roads and place physical obstructions on Palestinian lands adjacent to settlements, at times with the authorities’ approval, at others not. Settlers also forcibly remove Palestinians, primarily farmers, from their lands. B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, has documented cases of gunfire, threats of gunfire and killing, beatings, stone throwing, use of attack dogs, attempts to run over Palestinians, destruction of farming equipment and crops, theft of crops, killing and theft of livestock and animals used in farming, unauthorized demands to see identification cards, and theft of documents.


Palestine: Harvesting in hope

14 septembre 2008 | معتمد Repression, Boycott, Palestine

    Narratives Under Siege: Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

    Photo: Active Stills. Protest against the Israeli apartheid Wall.

On a hot afternoon during the month of Ramadan, there are few better places to be than resting beneath the shade of an orchard of guava trees, with the scent of fresh ripening fruit wafting around you. Farmer Sa’id Al-Agha sits quietly, his eyes resting on his fruit trees. ‘My father and my grandfather both grew up here, farming guavas, and I’ve lived here all my life’ he says. ‘This land is in my blood.’

Sa’id Al-Agha farms thirty donumms of guava plantations in Mawasi, in the south western Gaza Strip, where the loamy soil also encourages date palms and citrus trees to thrive (a donumm is equivalent to 1,000 square metres). His Mawasi farm is a tranquil haven in Gaza, which has one of the highest population densities in the world. There are some 120 guava farms dotted around Mawasi, and between them the farmers and their families cultivate more than 2,500 donumms of guavas. August and September are the height of the Gaza guava season, and we can hear workers calling to each other as they harvest the fruit by hand.


Muslims feel like ‘Jews of Europe’

5 juillet 2008 | معتمد Politics, Repression, Solidarity, War and Terror, Culture

    the Independent, by Cahal Milmo, July 2008.


    Photo: Paris metro.

Britain’s first Muslim minister has attacked the growing culture of hostility against Muslims in the United Kingdom, saying that many feel targeted like “the Jews of Europe”.

Shahid Malik, who was appointed as a minister in the Department for International Development (Dfid) by Gordon Brown last summer, said it has become legitimate to target Muslims in the media and society at large in a way that would be unacceptable for any other minority.


Palestine: Report on Extra-judicial Executions

4 juillet 2008 | معتمد Repression, Solidarity, War and Terror, Palestine

    Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)
    Publishes a Report on Extra-judicial Execution of Palestinians.


    Photo: Building on the Rafah border with Egypt.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) has published a new report titled, “Extra-judicial executions … Official, Declared Israeli Policy” covering Israeli extra-judicial executions against Palestinians during the period from 1 August 2006 till 30 June 2008. The report is the ninth of its kind in a special series on extra-judicial executions by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) against Palestinian activists during Al-Aqsa Intifada.

The first part of the report discussed international standards prohibiting extra-judicial executions. These included the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949) and additional protocols and the Rome Statute. The second part discussed the official Israeli position vis-à-vis extra-judicial executions. Israeli legislative, executive, and judicial authorities officially support this policy, making Israeli the only state in the world that officially commits these crimes.


Hezbollah in Canadian press

    An interview with Ali Mallah of the Canadian Arab Federation.


Photo: Walking in south Lebanon 2006. Interview by Stefan Christoff for Tadamon!

In recent weeks, major media outlets in Canada have featured numerous news reports on Hezbollah, outlining that the armed Lebanese political party is planning military operations in North America. Media reports have been based on anonymous intelligence sources in the U.S. and Canada.

Major media coverage in Canada was ignited by a T.V. report from the U.S.-based ABC news network claiming that Hezbollah was planning operations in Canada in response to the assassination of Hezbollah’s military commander, Imad Mughniyeh, in Syria this past winter.


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