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Montréal : Vigile Solidarité Syrie

14 avril 2011 | Posté dans Canada, Événements, Quebec, Syria
    à l’occasion de la veille de l’anniversaire d’indépendance de la Syrie …


vigile à la chandelle en honneur des personnes tuées pendant les manifestations pacifiques en Syrie pour la démocratie, la liberté et la dignité, en Syrie et partout au monde!

    vendredi le 15 avril
    18 à 20 heures
    au coin des rues Peel et Réné Lévèsque
    amenez votre propre chandelle

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Jordan’s women in no man’s land

17 décembre 2009 | Posté dans Jordan, Palestine, Syria
    Al Jazeera by Nisreen El-Shamayleh in Mafraq, northern Jordan.


    Photo Urban landscape in northern Jordan.

Jordan has stood at the front-line of the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1948, and in the six decades since has been de-mining battlefields where opposing armies once roamed.

Many of the country’s land mines date back to the 1948 partition of Palestine, the 1967 Six Day War, and hostilities with Syria in the 1970’s.

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Can the Mideast manage climate change?

19 septembre 2009 | Posté dans Beirut, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria
    Daily Star by Rami G. Khouri, Saturday, September 19, 2009.


    Photo: Tanya Traboulsi. Sky over sea, Beirut, Lebanon.

The amount and quality of available scientific data on the global impact of climate change, I rediscovered at a seminar organized by the Danish Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen this week, is staggering. The debate that swirled around the issues of climate change and global warming just two or three years ago has vanished. There is much more certainty now on the nature and extent of the changes to the Earth’s climate that can be attributed to the impact of human activity, mainly the burning of fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases.

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Montreal: Al Kitab club

13 juin 2009 | Posté dans Beirut, Canada, Culture, Égypte, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Quebec, Syria, Tadamon!
    Al Kitab (Arabic for ‘Book’), is a new book club organized by Tadamon!

    Photo: James Longley. Al-Mutanabi Street in Iraq.

Al Kitab club members (six to 10 people) will meet in a comfortable place (someone’s home, a quiet café, or a room in a public library) once a month to discuss and reflect on a book.

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Radio Tadamon! Arab Songs of Hope

19 août 2008 | Posté dans Culture, Lebanon, Médias indépendants, Palestine, Politique, Syria

    World Skip the Beat, CKUT Radio. Monday July, 2008.


Photo: Beirut by Piax. Tadamon! special edition: entire program is on-line for download.

A special edition produced by Mostafa Henaway, featuring music that spans different eras and moments in Middle East history, music composed and performed during the moments of social and political transformation. Music from the Middle East that either directly or indirectly is a reflection of these critical historical moments, from Egypt with music from the 1950’s and 1960’s that is a celebration of a new era, independent of colonialism, or more contemporary songs that present a critique dictatorship and tyranny in Egypt in the 1970’s song by Sheikh Imam.

Music from Lebanon, compositions and artists that emerged in the context of over twenty years of Israeli occupation and fifteen-years of civil-war in the country. Music from Lebanon that reflects a will of people to not be divided by sectarian politics, expressed by artists such as Ziad Rahbani in the famous song Ana Mesh Kafer, a song which asks how people of different religious faiths can condemn each other.

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Beirut reiterates rejection of bilateral talks over Shebaa

    Daily Star. Thursday, June 19, 2008


    Photo: Lebanese children flee Israel’s bombing of south Lebanon in 2006.

The Lebanese government on Wednesday rejected Israel’s call for direct peace negotiations.

“Lebanon’s position is clear to all and there is no place for bilateral negotiations between Lebanon and Israel,” Premier Fouad Siniora’s media office said in a statement late Wednesday. The statement stressed that Lebanese territories occupied by the Jewish state are subject to “UN resolutions that do not require any negotiations.

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Lebanon: Cast to the wind

    Lucy Fielder Reports for Al-Ahram.


    Photo: In Beirut a worker sweeps the street in front of the parliament

Lebanon ended the year much as it had begun, in political limbo. In November 2006, six ministers’ resignations paralysed the government and crystallised the two-year-old split between government loyalists and the opposition. A year later, president Emile Lahoud’s term ended without a successor, leaving a dangerous vacuum at the top. As the year drew to a close, it looked as though Lebanon would drift rudderless until either fractious politicians resolved their power struggle, or frustrations spread to the streets.

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Nasrallah on Presidential Crisis.

    By Rym Ghazal. Daily Star .


    Photo: Hassan Nasrallah Graffiti, Lebanon.

BEIRUT: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah cast a broad net on Sunday, vowing that no one could disarm his Hizbullah resistance fighters, recommending early parliamentary elections as a remedy to the standoff over Lebanon’s presidency, and warning that recent Israeli military exercises were preparation for a new conflict.

Nasrallah also reached out to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, many of whom live in camps near neighborhoods known as hotbeds of Hizbullah support, and voiced opposition to the government’s plans to privatize the country’s two mobile-phone networks.

In a televised address to a crowded Hizbullah rally in commemoration of Martyrs Day, Nasrallah promised that no power could force his group to give up its arms.

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Rapport: Un débat critique sur le Hezbollah

    Rapport sur la soirée du 17 Octobre 2007


    Photo: Tatiana Gomez, Montréal, Octobre 2007.

Dans le contexte de la campagne visant à contester la présence du Hezbollah sur la liste des “organisations terroristes” au Canada, Tadamon! Montréal a organisé le Mercredi 17 Octobre une importante conférence à l’Université McGill, dans le cadre de la série de conférences Culture Shock 2007.

Plus de 200 personnes se sont réunies pour entendre les présentations de Bilal Elamine, l’ancien rédacteur en chef du magazine Left Turn, qui habite à Beyrouth, et de Brian Aboud, sociologue et historien actif dans Tadamon! De plus, le documentaire de la cinéaste libanaise Carol Mansour “Un été à ne pas oublier”, sur l’attaque israélienne contre le Liban en 2006, a été projeté pour la première fois au Canada.

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UN to Israel: Shaba Farms is Lebanese territory

11 juillet 2007 | Posté dans Impérialisme, Syria

    By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent


The United Nations has transmitted messages to Israel in recent weeks that the organization’s mapping experts have determined that the controversial Shaba Farms on Mount Dov near the Lebanese border, now controlled by Israel, is Lebanese territory. The UN, which has communicated to Israel that the disposition of the Shaba Farms should be dealt with as soon as possible, has proposed to senior government officials that Israel withdraw from the area and that it be considered international territory to be controlled by UNIFIL.

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