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Radio Tadamon! Facing Racism in Quebec.

    Produced for Radio Tadamon! by Stefan Christoff.


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In Canada, a state commission on “Reasonable Accommodation” regarding the rights of minorities and new immigrants in Quebec has created a storm of controversy. This edition of Radio Tadamon! features Indu Vashist, a community organizer in Montreal and May Hayder of Al-Hidaya Association presenting alternative perspectives on ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ to the government sponsored commission.


Montreal Screening: The Iron Wall.

    A documentary directed by Mohammed Alatar


    October 18th at 9:00pm (English version)
    October 18th at 7:00pm (French version)

    One Night Only at Cinema du Parc.
    Organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity PAJU.


Palestinian takes on UK in court

    BBC. Wednesday, 10 October 2007


    Photo: Oren Ziv. Demonstration Palestine.

A 60-year-old Palestinian will begin a case against the UK government in the High Court later when he will say that sales of arms to Israel are illegal.

Saleh Hassan, who lives on the West Bank, says his land was confiscated by Israel to make way for its barrier.


Behind the Boycott

    by Vivian Tabar. The Dominion


    Photo: Israel’s Apartheid Wall.

MONTREAL–Demonstrators converged outside of Indigo bookstore in the heart of downtown Montreal last Saturday to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1982 massacre of Sabra and Chatila that claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Waving banners that read “Boycott Israeli Apartheid, Boycott Indigo”, picketers called on the largest bookstore chain in Canada to cut its ties to Israeli Apartheid.


Mohammed al-Dura lives on

October 8th, 2007 | Posted in Corporate Media, Palestine, Repression, War and Terror

    By Gideon Levy. Haaretz.


    Photo: Activist Stills.

The concern Israel demonstrates for the fate of one Palestinian boy touches the heart: Again, note what a fuss is being made about the case of the killing of Mohammed al-Dura. Our heart is impervious to the fate of other children who have been killed. Just little Mohammed continues to haunt us. But the question of who killed al-Dura is not important. And maybe he is even alive, as some eccentrics claim. Perhaps he committed suicide, as the strange investigations are liable to suggest.


BOYCOTT Israeli Apartheid! PICKET Indigo/Chapters!

October 4th, 2007 | Posted in Boycott, Lebanon, Palestine, Politics, Solidarity, War and Terror
    Bring musical instruments & drums for a cultural picket of singing & music!


    Saturday, October 6th, 1pm – 3pm
    Indigo Bookstore
    North-west corner of St. Catherine & McGill College
    (metro McGill)
    Montreal, Canada.


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