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Palestinian Past of Canada Park is Forgotten in JNF Signs

March 18th, 2008 | Posted in Boycott, Palestine

    by Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz. June 2005.


    Photo: 1967 War.

Visitors to Canada Park, near Latrun, might notice the remains of houses, ancient cemeteries, and signs of the bustling life that prevailed there until not long ago. But they wouldn’t know that the remains belong to two neighboring Palestinian villages that existed in the area until the Six Day War in 1967.

The Jewish National Fund (JNF), which runs the park, has posted explanatory signs detailing life in the area in previous eras, including the time of the Second Temple and the Hellenic, Roman, and even monarchic periods. Yet, the inscriptions on the signs don’t divulge that Palestinians lived in the area over many years.


Shifting towards Israel?

    Toronto Star, by Oakland Ross. March 17th, 2008.


    Photo: Israeli military near the Gaza Strip.

JERUSALEM: A United Nations panel voted overwhelmingly this month to condemn Israel for a recent armed incursion in the Gaza Strip that claimed more than 120 lives, many of them civilian.

Thirty-three member countries of the 47-seat UN Human Rights Council endorsed the resolution, which accused Israel of war crimes in its ongoing battles against Palestinian militants in Gaza.


Wave of Demolitions in the West Bank leave 75 people homeless.

    Report: Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, March 11th.


    Photo: Israeli bulldozers destroying Palestinian homes.

Yesterday, Occupation forces carried out a widespread demolition operation across the West Bank. Communities in the Jordan Valley were the hardest hit, although people in the Qalqilya district were also affected.

Around 9:00 in the morning, Occupation border police, soldiers and the so-called “civil administration” forces rolled into al-Hadidya with a bulldozer. Residents reported that a massive number of jeeps and soldiers surrounded the small community and began demolition quickly.


Palestine: The Way Forward

    Presentation: Abdel Bari Atwan, renown journalist & political analyst…
    Editor in Chief of Al-Quds Al Arabi


    FRIDAY, MARCH 14th, 7pm
    McGill University
    FDA auditorium (3450 University St.)
    entrance from inside the McGill campus
    through the Sherbrooke street gates


Canadiens prisonniers dans Gaza.

    La Presse: jeudi 13 mars, 2008


    Photo: Marouane Aboudraz

Quand il a quitté Montréal, en avril 2007, pour aller passer quelque temps chez sa mère, dans la bande de Gaza, Marouane Aboudraz croyait faire un voyage de trois ou quatre mois, question de présenter ses deux derniers-nés à leur grand-mère.

Mais ce voyage s’est transformé en cauchemar. En juin 2007, le mouvement intégriste Hamas a pris le contrôle de ce territoire palestinien dont les frontières ont été hermétiquement scellées par Israël. Et la famille Aboudraz s’est retrouvée coincée en enfer.


Music in a Time of War

March 13th, 2008 | Posted in Culture, Lebanon, Palestine, Politics, War and Terror

    An interview / discussion with Jerusalem In My Heart.


    Listen / download at Urgent Uploads.

On March 11th 2008 Montreal’s experimental band Jerusalem in My Heart and crew crammed into the CKUT studios and pulled off an incredible live set in a room that, I guarantee you, was a lot smaller than they make it sound…


Canadians from Gaza call for immediate reversal of governmental silence

    Press Release: Monday, March 12th, 2008


    Image: A child inspects a home in Gaza damaged by Israeli bulldozers.

Canada’s government has failed to respond to the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Today, Montreal families recently visiting relatives in Gaza remain trapped under the Israeli bombardment, having received no assistance from Canadian consulate authorities in the Middle East or in Ottawa.


Apartheid Economics: Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement

    Interview with Kole Kilibarda of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
    conducted by Stefan Christoff for Fighting FTAs.


    Photo: Palestinians hold a protest against the Apartheid Wall…

Canada’s first trade accord signed outside the western hemisphere was with Israel in 1997. International trade relations with Canada, the U.S. and the European Union are essential components to Israel’s economy, creating external markets for Israeli products to be sold, while embedding Israeli economic activity within the international market. Today, Palestinians are appealing for an international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions on Israel, in response to the ongoing occupation of Palestine defined by a military enforced apartheid facing the Palestinian people.

Throughout the Middle East a strong campaign against the normalization of economic and political relations with Israel remains. Kole Kilibarda is an organizer with the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid in Toronto, which is campaigning against the Israel-Canada free trade agreement. Kilibarda explains the details of the Canada-Israel trade agreement, while offering a critique on Canada’s interest in maintaining a trade accord with Israel.


Radio Tadamon! Popular Protest in Gaza

    Produced for Radio Tadamon! by Stefan Christoff.


    Download / Podcast the program from the Rabble Podcast Network.

Listen to an interview with Sam Hadeeb from the Popular Committee Against the Siege in Gaza. In the face of ongoing Israeli military actions directed at the Gaza Strip, which have taken the lives of over one-hundred Palestinians within the past week — including children — a popular committee has formed in Gaza, which has been coordinating a series of popular direct actions and appealing for protests lead by social justice movements throughout the world.


Demonstration: End Israel’s Siege on Gaza! End Israeli Apartheid!

    Appeal for a Palestine solidarity bloc within the
    global day of action against the ‘war on terror’…


    SATURDAY, MARCH 15th, 12h30
    Dorchester Square
    corner Peel & René-Lévesque
    metro Peel
    in collaboration with Échec à la guerre


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