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Lebanon: Political, sectarian crisis entrenched

May 13th, 2008 | Posted in Beirut, Civil-war, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Politics, War and Terror

    Beirut, 12 May 2008. IRIN Middle East.


    Photo: Al-Akbar.

Hezbollah and its allies may have achieved a swift military victory in Beirut and the Druze mountains, but the political battle for Lebanon will be tougher and the consequences long-term, say analysts.


Hour: Territories.

May 12th, 2008 | Posted in Canada, Palestine, Politics, Quebec, Tadamon!

    Hour. by Stefan Christoff.


    Photo: (C) Larry Towell, Magnum Photographs.

Territory is a central theme in all political conflicts in the world, as national borders across the globe have consistently shifted. Territories is a new feature documentary by Montreal filmmaker Mary Ellen Davis that explores the photographic work and global journeys of Larry Towell, of the world-renowned photo agency Magnum, who travels along the world’s most conflicted border zones, from Latin America to the Middle East.

Indigenous people across the world have been victims of borderlines drawn in bloody wars fueled by colonial interests, and it’s these too-often-untold stories that are found in the striking photos of Larry Towell. From the electric fences of the Mexico-U.S. border to Israel’s concrete separation wall in Palestine, understanding the violence caused by borders is central to Towell’s work.


Quebec: Students Against Israeli Apartheid

    to student unions and social movements across Quebec and Canada.


    Declaration from L’Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante.

Montreal, May 2008 – L’Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ), a Quebec-wide student union representing over 42 000 students, has passed a resolution to support the growing boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israeli Apartheid. The motion was passed at the ASSÉ annual Congress, held on April 26th and 27th in Montreal. This resolution comes after over a year of consultations and discussions held within local student unions, in collaboration with Tadamon! Montreal, a local social justice collective. ASSÉ now invites all progressive organizations to join and support the call for the boycott campaign, issued by over 170 Palestinian civil society groups.


Palestinian Perspectives: May 2008

    May 15th 2008. Cinéma du Parc, 3575 Avenue du Parc.


An evening of Palestinian films to commemorate 60 years since Al-Nakba – the catastrophe of dispossession brought about by the establishment of the State of Israel – and to celebrate the Palestinian voice.

1947-1948: Zionist forces provoke the exodus of 750,000 refugees, forcibly evicted from their homes and villages. May 15 has been chosen to mark the tragedy.

2008: 5 million Palestinians live scattered throughout the world and demand recognition of their right to return. 4 million Palestinians live under brutal occupation in the West Bank and under a state of permanent siege in Gaza.. And over 1 million live in Israel as second-class citizens.


Lebanon: Beirut in Crisis

    Broadcasts from Beirut I: Interview with activist and publisher Samah Idriss.


    Photo: Lebanese gunman in Beirut.

Lebanon is currently facing a major political crisis, as armed battles have erupted in multiple districts in Beirut, battles between pro-government forces and the political opposition backed by the Lebanese movement Hezbollah. Currently the Lebanese capital is divided, as opposition forces maintain a hold in West Beirut, having handed control in certain districts to the Lebanese Army, while the western-backed Lebanese government remains in lock down within government buildings.

Today Lebanon’s government has maintained a contested hold on official state power in Lebanon without representation from Hezbollah or other opposition parties for over one year. This week the government announced that Hezbollah’s independent communications network or telephone system operating in Lebanon as illegal, sparking the current crisis. Hezbollah’s independent telephone or communications system is considered to be a critical element to the success of the Lebanese resistance to Israel in successfully halting Israel’s 2006 attack on Lebanon.


Tadamon! letter to Nadine Gordimer

May 9th, 2008 | Posted in Boycott, Culture, Palestine, Politics, Solidarity, Tadamon!

    An open letter to Nadine Gordimer from Tadamon!


    Dear Nadine Gordimer.

It is with great shock and dismay that we have learned of your intention to participate in the Israeli Writers’ Festival this May, in conjunction with the “Israel at 60” festivities (largely supported by the Israeli Foreign Ministry). The function of cultural events such as this one in the international public relations campaigns of apartheid regimes is strongly reminiscent of the same maneuverings by the South African apartheid government. Have you forgotten the morally unconscionable historical ties between apartheid Israel and apartheid South Africa during the years of sanctions, when millions of dollars of weapons were supplied by Israel to the apartheid regime?

The friendships that you have shared with the late Palestinian scholar Edward Said, or John Dugard, UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Rights in the Occupied Territories, have offered you ample insight into the depths of the violence inflicted daily on Palestinians by the Israeli state. The 2001 World Conference Against Racism, held in Durban, South Africa, labeled Israel as a “racist, apartheid state” and denounced its policies as “crimes against humanity.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu has even asserted that the situation in Palestine is worse than apartheid South Africa.


Avez-vous changé d’avis?

May 4th, 2008 | Posted in Boycott, Culture, Palestine, Politics, Tadamon!
    Lettre ouverte à Erri de Luca.


    Cher Erri de Luca

Si nous prenons la plume pour vous écrire c’est que nous sommes avant tout des lecteurs de vos livres, qui apprécions beaucoup votre travail ainsi que votre parcours, si nous en croyons les articles que nous avons lus à votre sujet.

Nous croyons savoir que vous êtes un homme épris de justice. Nous savons aussi que vous vous intéressez à la Bible et au judaïsme, et que vous avez appris l’hébreu. Cette curiosité vous honore. Toutefois l’histoire du judaïsme, qui comporte de très belles pages dépasse, et de loin, celle de l’Etat d’Israël qui ne comporte que des pages tachées de sang. C’est parce que nous avons peur que vous confondiez les deux que nous vous demandons de reconsidérer votre participation au prochain Festival International des Ecrivains de Jérusalem, au mois de Mai.


Peaceful counter-rally to the 60th anniversary Israel Day celebration

May 4th, 2008 | Posted in Boycott, Palestine, Politics

    Inviting all Jews and people who support self-determination for
    Palestinians and a just peace, to join us again at the annual counter-rally…


    THURDAY MAY 8, 2008
    11am Phillips Square
    (Ste-Catherine & Union)
    11:45am Place du Canada
    (Boul. Rènè Lèvesque & rue de la Cathédrale /Metcalf)


Palestine: A strangled people

    Bold claims about Middle East peace from
    London ring hollow in the empty streets of Gaza.


    Sami Abdel-Shafi, Gaza City, the Guardian. Saturday May 3 2008

It is a strange feeling: after working as a productive professional in Gaza for five years, I have become a black market junkie. I make several phone calls a day hunting for fuel for my car, diesel for the electricity generator waiting on standby to power the house, even cigarettes and vitamins. The only way to get hold of these things, to buy life-saving medicines, to purchase the essentials for a life of basic dignity, is through the black market, if at all. Today all Gaza suffers severe water shortages, with the fuel needed to pump and transport water (as well as sewage) dangerously scarce. The few cars seen on Gaza’s mostly empty streets today almost invariably run on used cooking oil due to the lack of diesel.


FNEEQ : Solidarité avec le peuple palestinien

May 2nd, 2008 | Posted in Boycott, Canada, Palestine, Politics, Quebec, Solidarity, Tadamon!

Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec (FNEEQ-CSN)


    M. Denis Lemelin. Président national
    Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes

Au nom de la Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec (FNEEQ-CSN), j’aimerais féliciter le Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes (STTP) pour l’adoption d’une importante résolution de solidarité avec le peuple palestinien, lors de son congrès du 13 au 18 avril dernier réunissant des représentantes et représentants de plus de 50 000 travailleurs et travailleuses de l’État canadien. En effet, la recommandation adoptée par le STTP exprime, non seulement un appui politique à la lutte du peuple palestinien, mais elle permet de renforcir la campagne internationale de boycottage, de désinvestissement et de sanctions (BDS) contre l’apartheid israélien, tant qu’Israël ne respectera pas ses obligations de reconnaître le droit inaliénable du peuple palestinien à l’autodétermination et ne se conformera pas aux préceptes du droit international, incluant le droit au retour des réfugiés palestiniens dans leurs foyers et sur leurs terres, tel que stipulé par la résolution 194 des Nations Unies.


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