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Vancouver: JNF Fundraiser Disrupted by Local Palestine Solidarity Activists

30 juin 2008 | Posté dans Boycott, Canada, Palestine, Politique, Solidarité

    Report from Vancouver…


    Photo: Israeli settlement in the West Bank, Palestine.

On Sunday June 14th, the Jewish National Fund held their annual fundraising banquet in Vancouver at the Four Seasons Hotel. The JNF is one of the primary organizations responsible for the historic and ongoing colonization of Palestinian lands for the development of Jewish-only settlement. This has resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and contributed to the apartheid system in Israel. Despite its racist history and policies, the JNF is granted status as a charity in Canada, enabling it to raise millions of dollars through tax-deductible donations, including annual fundraising dinners held across Canada.

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Beirut: Taking the classical-jazz fusion to a new level

23 juin 2008 | Posté dans Beirut, Culture, Égypte, Lebanon

    Daily Star. by Jim Quilty. Thursday, June 19th, 2008


    Photo: Buildings in downtown Beirut.

Beirut: “I was in Cairo for my first Egyptian concert,” Rima Khcheich smiles. “I was preparing an Umm Kalthoum song, a dour [a classical vocal form without improvisation] called ‘Dour Emta al-Hawa.’ Two days before the concert I met [iconic Egyptian composer] Fouad Abdel Majid. The rehearsals were difficult and I was very tired but they asked me to sing his song ‘Foutina al-Lathi.’ They recorded it on a little cassette tape recorder.”

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Four documentarians look back at Palestine, and Lebanon

    Babel Theater hosts Cinema al-Fuqdan to mark the Nakba’s 60th anniversary


    Photo: Palestine/Lebanon border. Daily Star. Saturday, June 21st, 2008

BEIRUT: The peoples of Lebanon and Palestine have an ambivalent relationship. In the years since the terms “Lebanon” and “Palestine” were assigned their 20th-century political meanings, they have accumulated meaning, just as the experiences of their citizens have diverged.

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Palestine: “We could not even bury our daughter”

19 juin 2008 | Posté dans Guerre et terrorisme, Palestine, Politique, Résistance

    Report: Palestinian Center for Human Rights. June 19th 2008


    Photo: © Stefania Zamparelli. Palestinian child in the Gaza Strip.

On 11 June, eight-year-old Hadeel Al-Sumairi was killed when her home in southeastern Gaza was shelled by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Less than a week earlier, eight-year-old Aya Hamdan al-Najjar was killed by a rocket fired from an IOF helicopter. These two young girls had been living just a few kilometers apart, both in villages in the southeastern Gaza Strip near the border with Israel. Their violent deaths highlight both the continual dangers facing families who live anywhere near the Israeli border — and the grim and rising child death toll in the Gaza Strip. Sixty-two children have been killed by IOF in the Gaza Strip this year — almost double the number of children who were killed by the IOF in Gaza during the whole of last year.

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Beirut reiterates rejection of bilateral talks over Shebaa

    Daily Star. Thursday, June 19, 2008


    Photo: Lebanese children flee Israel’s bombing of south Lebanon in 2006.

The Lebanese government on Wednesday rejected Israel’s call for direct peace negotiations.

“Lebanon’s position is clear to all and there is no place for bilateral negotiations between Lebanon and Israel,” Premier Fouad Siniora’s media office said in a statement late Wednesday. The statement stressed that Lebanese territories occupied by the Jewish state are subject to “UN resolutions that do not require any negotiations.

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Films anti-coloniaux sous les étoiles !

19 juin 2008 | Posté dans Canada, Culture, Palestine, Politique, Quebec, Répression, Solidarité

    Films anti-coloniaux sous les étoiles !


    Mardi, 1 Juillet, 21h00, 2008
    Dans l’espace ouvert à côté de l’Insoumise
    2035 St-Laurent
    (entre Ontario et Sherbrooke)
    metro St-Laurent

Joignez-nous pour un visionnement de fabuleux documentaires sous la lune en plein centre-ville de Montréal. Tadamon! présentera deux excellents films traitant de la lutte contre l’appropriation de terres et la colonisation en Palestine et l’Île de la Tortue.

Les films sont présentés dans le cadre d’une campagne de mobilisation pour la manifestion « 400 ans de colonialisme : pas de quoi célébrer ! » dans la ville de Québec, le 3 juillet prochain.

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Cluster bombs claim another victim in South Lebanon

Daily Star. Friday, June 13th, 2008


    Photo: Armand Emamdjomeh. Village in south Lebanon after Israel’s 2006 attack.

Tyre: A Lebanese man was killed on Thursday by a cluster bomb dropped by Israeli forces during the 2006 war in Lebanon, a police official said.

Hisham al-Ghossein, 39, was killed in the village of Qantara, near the Southern town of Marjayoun, after stepping on the bomb while working in his field, the official said.

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Israël : “Il est temps de prendre des mesures exceptionnelles contre Israël”

10 juin 2008 | Posté dans Boycott, Culture, Palestine, Politique, Solidarité

    Omar Barghouti, Electronic Intifada, 8 juin 2008.


    Photo: Maan Images. la bande de Gaza.

«L’idée est de mettre les Palestiniens à la diète, mais pas de les faire mourir de faim», disait il y a quelques années Dov Weisglass, le plus proche conseiller de Sharon.

Aujourd’hui Israël est en train d’étouffer lentement Gaza et de conduire la population civile au bord de la famine et d’une catastrophe humanitaire planifiée.

Si le gouvernement états-unien est évidemment un complice qui finance, justifie et dissimule l’occupation et les autres formes d’oppression israéliennes, l’Union Européenne, le plus important partenaire commercial d’Israël au niveau mondial, n’est pas moins complice de la perpétuation de l’oppression coloniale d’Israël et de son apartheid particulier.

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Irish union passes motions for Palestine

9 juin 2008 | Posté dans Boycott, Politique, Résistance

    Statement: Trade Union Friends of Palestine (ICTU). June 5th 2008


    Photo: Scott Weinstein. Apartheid wall in Palestine.

At its Biennial Delegate Conference in May 2008 the public sector union IMPACT passed two motions criticizing Israeli suppression of the Palestinian people and calling for a boycott of Israeli goods and services. The motions also called for divestment from those companies engaged in or profiting from the occupation as well as an education campaign to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people. Conference furthermore called on the Irish Government to take a stand on Palestine independent of EU foreign policy, demanded the restoration of EU funding, and also called for the suspension of the preferential trading status enjoyed under the Euro-Med Agreement.

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La flambée des prix alimentaires aggrave la situation des Palestiniens

    La Presse. Jooneed Khan.


    Photo: la bande de Gaza.

Les Palestiniens, qui subissent les privations quotidiennes dues au siège de l’armée israélienne, sont très durement frappés par la flambée des prix des aliments, qu’ils doivent importer en grande partie.

C’est ce qu’a indiqué le syndicaliste Manawell Abdul-Al, dirigeant de la Fédération générale des syndicats palestiniens (FGSP), hier à La Presse.

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