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Solidarité avec les prisonniers politiques palestiniens de Bil’in

25 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Palestine, Prisoniers, Quebec
    déclaration en solidarité Montréal, Septembre 2010


    Photo Prisonnier politique palestinien et Adeeb Abu Rahma

Depuis plus de cinq ans, le village palestinien de Bil’in mène une lutte de base pour conserver ses terres et ses moyens de subsistance. Chaque vendredi, les villageois-e-s de Bil’in bravent des tirs de bombes sonores, de cartouches de gaz lacrymogène et de balles de caoutchouc, parce qu’ils et elles organisent des manifestations contre le mur d’apartheid et la construction des colonies israéliennes sur les terres agricoles palestiniennes.

De maintes façons, les tactiques créatives de Bil’in ont captivé l’imagination de milliers de personnes au Québec et à travers le monde et ont aussi inspiré plusieurs autres villages palestiniens de Cisjordanie. La résistance y continue toujours malgré la répression considérable de la part des Forces d’occupation israéliennes (FOI).

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Photos: Artists for World Education Forum

25 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Canada, Palestine, Quebec
    photo essay by Heri Rakotomalala


Photo Heri Rakotomalala. Kalmunity Jazz Project performs for World Education Forum.

Leading up to the World Education Forum, taking place in occupied Palestine this fall, over three-hundred people gathered in Montreal on Friday September 24th for a benefit concert to support the Quebec delegation to the global education forum and to strengthening grassroots support for the global gathering on popular and public education.

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What the wall has done

21 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Palestine, Répression
    Jamal Juma’, Electronic Intifada 31 August 2010


    Photo Palestinian walk along Israeli apartheid wall.

Israel began constructing the wall in June 2002 following its invasion of cities in the West Bank, which it dubbed “Operation Defensive Shield.” In retrospect, the invasion appears to have been a prelude to the construction of the wall and no one recognized the significance of the invasion’s code name at the time. The immense scale of the 2002 invasion — characterized by the destruction of Palestinian civilian infrastructure, mass arrests, assassinations and massacres — ensured that the construction of the wall would commence with as little resistance as possible.

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Tutu calls on Israel to release Palestinian

21 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Boycott, Palestine, Répression
    Ma’an news September 2010.


    Photo Time Anti-Apartheid activist Bishop Desmond M. Tutu.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa expressed concern Saturday over the conviction of a Palestinian anti-wall campaign leader by an Israeli military court for his involvement in non-violent protests.

“I am deeply concerned about the conviction earlier this week of Abdallah Abu Rahmah by an Israeli military court. When I met him with my fellow Elders last year, we were very impressed by his commitment to non-violence and the wise leadership he showed,” Tutu said in a statement.

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Weekly protests continue across Palestine

21 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Palestine, Résistance
    report International Solidarity Movement – 20 September 2010


Photo Palestinians climb onto walls to try to spot Israeli soldiers entering Ni’lin.

Bil’in On Friday, 17 September 2010, the people of Bil’in were joined by Israelis and Internationals to protest against the theft of land and the imprisonment by Abdullah and Adeeb Abu Rahma, Ibrahim Burnat and other political prisoners from Bil’in. The demonstration went on for one and a half hours and was met with large amounts of tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets. After initially firing tear gas from the military base and road, soldiers came through the gate and chased the protesters back towards the village.

This week’s protest called for the release of prisoners, who have been kept in jail under administrative detention (which is to say, without trial) and also the ones who have been victims of false charges and unjust trials in Israeli military courts. People were carrying masks of Abdallah Abu Rahma, who has been held in Ofer Military Prison since November, and is now in the sentencing phase of his trial after being convicted for “incitement”. Other people were wearing masks showing the faces of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. This is to show that Palestinian political prisoners enduring long sentences in Israeli prisons are peaceful activists, who are leading the non-violent struggle against the illegal Israeli occupation.

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Israel: 150 academics, artists back actors’ boycott of settlement arts center

21 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Boycott, Culture, Palestine
    Haaretz September 2010.


    Photo Israeli apartheid wall painting against Israeli occupation.

The actors’ boycott of the new Ariel cultural center received a boost yesterday with over 150 academics and several dozen authors and artists signing letters in their support.

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Hamas, the I.R.A. and Us

16 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Égypte, Palestine, Politique
    by Ali Abunimah, New York Times August 28, 2010


Photo Palestinian boy peers around a corner looking for Israeli occupation soldier.

George J. Mitchell, the United States Middle East envoy, tried to counter low expectations for renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations by harking back to his experience as a mediator in Northern Ireland.

At an Aug. 20 news conference with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, announcing the talks that will begin this week, Mr. Mitchell reminded journalists that during difficult negotiations in Northern Ireland, “We had about 700 days of failure and one day of success” — the day in 1998 that the Belfast Agreement instituting power-sharing between pro-British unionists and Irish nationalists was signed.

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L’intifada musicale d’une rappeuse anglo-palestinienne

16 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Culture, Palestine
    BBC news septembre 2010


    Photo: Flo Razowsky mur d’apartheid israélien en Bathlehem, Palestine.

« Il ne s’agit pas seulement d’évoluer sur une scène. Il s’agit de manifester un soutien et de montrer qu’il y a des Palestiniens, dans la diaspora, qui veulent promouvoir leur identité et leur culture. »

« C’est une intifada musicale, un soulèvement musical » dit Shadia Mansour, plissant les yeux sous l’éclat du soleil en sortant de l’atelier hip-hop qu’elle anime à Hébron, en Cisjordanie.

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Palestinian hip-hop artist surrounded by gunmen in Israeli airport

10 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Boycott, Culture, Palestine, Politique, Répression
    September 9, 2010. Detroit HipHop news


    Photo Matthew Cassel Shadia Mansour at Chicago concert.

British-born Palestinian Hip Hop artist, Shadia Mansour was surrounded by airport security and “intelligence officers” armed with guns on Saturday, September 4, 2010, in Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.

Ms. Mansour was told to return to her luggage after a usual baggage xray and multiple searches, when eight agents ran towards her, weapons drawn and pointed, they aggressively kicked away her bags and surrounded her.

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No reconstruction despite siege “easing”

10 septembre 2010 | Posté dans Économie, Égypte, Palestine, Politique
    Rami Almeghari, Electronic Intifada 27 August 2010


Photo ActiveStills Anne Paq Bassam Dardouna stands in the abandoned apartment that he and his family are living in.

“We are not here to steal or take over something which is not our own. We are not criminals or thieves. We are humans who seek a safe shelter after we have lost hope that our houses will be rebuilt,” said Bassam Dardouna, 46, head of a 15-member household, as he stood in the middle of an unfinished apartment.

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