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Without land, Gaza farmers grow roof crops

December 11th, 2010 | Posted in Agriculture, Palestine
    Eva Bartlett, Inter Press Service, 3 December 2010.


    Photo Eva Barlett. Rooftop farming in Gaza.

“We grow on our roof because we are farmers but have no land now,” says Moatassan Hamad, 21, from Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

“Our family is large and thankfully what we grow feeds us,” he says. They grow a variety of staple vegetables.


Bil’in: International Human Rights Day and the Imprisonment of Abdullah Abu Rahme

December 10th, 2010 | Posted in Palestine

report Dec. 10 2010 via Popular Committee Against the Wall & Settlements in Bil’in


Photo ActiveStills Palestinian youth at popular resistance demonstration in West Bank.

Today, December 10, 2010, Bil’in celebrated International Human Rights Day with a larger than normal demonstration through the village. Hundreds of supporters came from outside Bil’in to support the village’s struggle for human rights, to mark the one-year anniversary of Abdullah Abu Rahme’s imprisonment, and to commemorate the First Intifada.


Celebrate five years of successes in the Quebec BDS movement!

December 6th, 2010 | Posted in Boycott, Canada, Events, Palestine, Quebec

Join us for a holiday dinner party to celebrate five years of successes in the Quebec BDS movement!


    Wednesday, December 15
    Doors at 6pm, Dinner at 7pm
    3720 Parc Avenue, 2nd floor
    Montreal, Quebec


IWW supports Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in support of Palestinian Rights

December 3rd, 2010 | Posted in Boycott, Palestine
    press release IWW 12/2/2010.


    Photo Palestinian running along Israeli apartheid wall.

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or Wobblies) has officially voted to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in support of Palestinian rights. The “Resolution in Support of the Workers of Palestine/Israel” was adopted in an overwhelming vote both at the IWW’s convention in Minneapolis and by the membership via referendum. This vote makes the IWW the first union in the US and the third union in Canada to officially support the Palestinian United Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.


South African Artists Against Apartheid

December 2nd, 2010 | Posted in Boycott, Palestine
    South Africa Artists Against Apartheid opening declaration


    Photo Andrew Jackson South African musician.

As South African Artists and Cultural Workers who have lived under, survived, and in many cases resisted apartheid, we acknowledge the value of international solidarity in our own struggle. It is in this context that we respond to the call by Palestinians, and their Israeli allies, for such solidarity.

As artists of conscience we say no to apartheid – anywhere. We respond to the call for international solidarity and undertake not to avail any invitation to perform or exhibit in Israel. Nor will we accept funding from institutions linked to the government of Israel. This is our position until such time as Israel, in the least, complies with international law and universal principles of human rights. Until then, we too unite with international colleagues under the banner of “Artists Against Apartheid.”


Ireland: Technical Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU) votes to Boycott Israel

December 1st, 2010 | Posted in Boycott, Palestine

Biennial conference sees unanimous approval for BDS motion via Technical Engineering and Electrical Union – TEEU in Ireland.


    Photo Palestinian flag flies on Mount Errigal in Ireland.

At its biennial conference last weekend, the Technical Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU) unanimously voted to “support for a boycott campaign of Israeli goods and services and a policy of disinvestment from Israeli companies” as a result of the Israeli state’s continuing breaches of international law and human rights abuses against the people of Palestinian. The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) welcomed the passing of the motion [1].


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